Wet Crotch

so i was sitting on my boyfriends lap and we were making out when he began to lift my micro mini skirt and spank me lightly and i was wearing a thong so it kinda stung and i felt the need to pee so i went to get up and wallk to the toliet when he grabbed my waist and pulled me back down on his lap and kissed me i looked at him and started wiggling and said i had to pee but he ignored me and started bouncing me up and down on his knees and i begged him to let me up and he just said 2 go if i had to and i tried to hold it in but it came out and he stopped bouncing me and i could feel my wet panties and how wet i was making his jeans and i could feel his buldge so i knew he liked it so i spread my legs farther and more pee shot out and i moaned a little i finally finished and he layed me down on his bed which was also wet and took off my wet thong and told me i was naughty for peeing on him and he took off his pants and we ****** till i peed straight on him and he laughed while lightly spanking my wet bum
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8 Responses Jun 6, 2011

Im so jealous of him!

I love it

i want a girl that wants to pee on my face.

This sounds great fun I wish my partner was in to this, as it gave me a hugh erection

This has me so turned on!

I wish my fiance was into this, but he's not. I'll just have to keep this fantasy in my head...

I wish I could take his place.


how sexy!! very nice!