Feeling The Need To Do It Today

I have always fantasized peeing, while sitting on guys lap but had never done it till I got married. I come from a conservative family and even after my marriage I never had the nerve to tell my hubby about this fantasy.

But to my surprise, my hubby disclosed his fantasy for women pee after 2 years into our marriage. I thought to myself, am I lucky or what. At that moment I wasted no time to tell him about my fantasy, and he readily agreed. That day was the best day of my life. The best position I love is in the shower, he is standing and I am sitting in his lap, and then I pee. That is so erotic for me.

Today I feel to do the same, but unfortunately I can't as he is out of town. :(
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6 Responses May 4, 2012

ah, but i love lady peeing on ma lap when im sitting on d bed or watchng tv or anywhere..or having fud together, wen tthaat hot pee can be felt ...

I would so love to let you do this.

When I was 17, my 15 year old German girlfriend once peed whilst sat in my lap, her pee soaking her knickers and the back of her dress, as well as the crotch and seat of my jeans.

Wet sex is very erotic. I would love to meet a girl who enjoys it as much as I do.

I have a plastic chair with a soft cover over it. That way, it does not run off like in a shower, but can be felt warm against the skin. The cover soakis up the pee and is easy to clean after the excitement and its after effects end.

That's a good idea.

and there is good to use a plastic sheet in the bed, anf pleasant effects are the same...

Lucky man. Wish I could find a girl like you.

Be optimistic and hopeful. It always helps.

You will get one such girl. Best of Luck.