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Plus Size Girl So You Better Be Strong.

I am on the large size ( 42in waste 54in chest) so my blader holds quite a bit. Would love to sit on a guys lap while he is desperate to pee. All he can do is wiggle under me as I sit facing him and pee threw my pants and his. After I finish he loses all controle and starts peeing so hard.
thehiddenme thehiddenme 31-35, F 21 Responses Jun 24, 2012

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If I lean back you can pee on me till you are finished...

sounds wonderful

Mmmm pleasee

that would be wonderful

I'm not far away. And having a woman sit on my lap while I'm desperate to go while she wets her pants is one of my biggest fantasies.

i would love it when u sitting on my lap

Im inOhio!!! Pick me

That sounds perfect

that sounds fantastic.please be really full.get me really soaked and wet and warm my that i pee myself

I wish I could sit on your lap instead as you pee. I can just imagine the capacity of your bladder. I would straddle you & sit on your lap, then cuddle up to you realy tight but affectionately, you would be able to feel my ***** enlarging & throbbing against your bladder as you empty it while we listen to the soundtrack of your loud hissing pee stream blasting out of you.

id love for you to sit on my lap and ****

i would love to be that man!

Being plus size doesn't necessarily increase bladder capacity. After all the bladder is a muscular sac which lies within the abdominal cavity, so unless your extra size comes from being extremely tall, it wouldn't affect that much. Also, I'm a slightly larger than average male and I know some tiny girls with bladders about 3 or 4 times the capacity of mine.

Although I'd still be happy for you to pee in my lap whenever you like :)

Just for the record I am 5'8"

Mmmm I'd eat u out after if u wanted

WOW!!! That would be a dream come true. Especially with your large size. Nothing would be sexier than to hug you and kiss your face as you wamed my lap. And then to mix my pee with yours.

Mmmmmmm -- love to ... and I love big girls ... so where are you?

Where are you from? The more you are able to release the more fun we can have, but I may not be able to resist reaching down to touch you as you pis over me... x

Shame you're so far away.. you've just described a fantasy I had for a long time :(

how about we do it with out the pants and you sit on my hard ****, and then pee in my lap, and then when you are done i will pee inside of you! that will get me even harder and then we can start *******

This is also something that I dreamed about doing ^w^ Having a Girl sit and straddle my lap and tell me how badly they have to **** and that they wanna use me like a toilet annnd lets their bladder's go unleashing a hot gushing stream of hot musky **** out onto my lap/crotch areas! ^///^

I've always loved bigger girls, so that sounds ridiculously hot. It also means there would be more clothing to soak up when I lose it and have an accident! While I'm certainly strong enough to support a beautiful plus size woman, I'm on the smaller side (5'6, 32 in waist, 42 in chest) so my bladder is fairly small. I'd probably never be able to win a pee holding contest!