I wish!!

Hey again!! :)

Well again this one's about my boyfriend at the time.... It's fictional because I guess it's something that I wished had happened lmfao

We decided that we'd go to a secret park out by my house. So we were holding hands walking around the park when I started getting antsy to go pee but I didn't let him know that of course. So we kept walking around and pretty soon I was gettin despret. It was really obvious because I was bouncing around holding myself. My boyfriend could tell but was acting like he didn't notice. He wanted me to say it.

So we come to a playground where there was no one at. My boyfriend nudged my arm and said "let's go swing". I knew I was about to burst but I agreed anyway. He sat down on one swing and patted his lap smirking. I stuttered out that I don't think that's a good idea. He looked suprised but pulled me to him anyway. He set me on his lap and began to swing. As soon as the swinging moton started I had no other choice but to tell him how much I had to pee. He laughed and whispered in my ear "hold it"

If you've read my other story about him you'd know that he knew about my fetish but he didn't really have an interest in it. He did these kind of things purely for my benefit. He liked to make me happy so he'd kinda mess around with this idea every now and then when we were together. It was kinda sweet actually. Ehh but now we don't talk. Whatcha gonna do?

Anyway, he said that and I whined that I was serious and I was gonna pee my pants. He looks semi suprised about that but didn't show it much. I guess he thought I was being over dramatic because he said "do it then". Obviously I didn't want to not only pee my pants infront of my boyfriend but also get him wet because I was on his lap. So I fidgeted trying to get away but of course he was relentless. After another few minutes I told him compleatly serious that if he didn't let me up I was going to pee my pants and I wasn't joking. Well I guess he undrestimated me or thought I was exagerating because he just laughed and said he didn't mind getting wet, and we were after all, all alone.

After a few minutes I knew I couldn't hold it anymore and began letting a little go. After about 4 or 5 minutes of this it was wet enough that my boyfriend could feel it. He gasped really loudly once he noticed. "Are you seriously doing it?" He said ammused. I cringe afraid of the result but he once again ceases to amaze me ad just pulled me tighter into his arms and whispered "let go baby". Hearing that he as okay with it I let the flood gates open and immediatly soaked through my jeans and onto his jeans and still heard come dripping on the ground as we swang slowly.

After I peed for what seemed like FOREVER he laughed and asked if I felt better. I blushed and nodded and asked if he was mad at me. He of course shook his head and said no and he's never be mad at me (ha!) and the he stood me up and spun me around. After he examined himself then me he whispered in my ear "you look good wet". Let's just say that was the beginning of a lot of fun at that park. I'm really glad no one ever goes to it!

That's my story!! Hope you liked it! :) COMMENT PLEASE!! I love hearing feedback!!
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I read this while I desperately had to pee. I drippled into my thong while touching myself. I wish someone forced me to hold my pee and make a mess on their lap.

oh i would love that done to me . i`ve always wished for this to happen to me . i would love to be wearing a good suit for this

Hi its me i was gek32 but i got to exited over ur sorry that violated some guidelines by accident so im back now i love ur story and desperately wants this don to me please

I love the story i have a fetish for a girl to do to me what u did to ur boyfriend every girl i tell is grossed out by it and it doesn't end well i desperately want a girl to do this if u of any on u know want to fulfil my fantasy get back to me please

Where are you from

Wish I had been your boyfriend

a really nice story, i like it! Wish, I have a girlfriend like you/him^^

That was so beautiful, I only wish it was my lap you were sitting on

Please do to me n sit on my face too

I would love to experience this

Love it. I'd love to feel your warmth all over my lap

That was a great story. It's just a pity there aren't more girls like you. I checked - 602 people want to do this but 2,169 people want a girl to pee in their lap, also it seems like at least half of this group are men, so there is just one girl willing to do this for every 7 people (male or female) who want to be the recipient of such a soaking.

Would love to sneak off and do this . Is there a specific site to meet up with other people with the same fetish ?

If I was your boyfriend I would want you to let go in my lap. I Love this. I get my wife to do it for me as often as I can talk her into it.

Stay wet, stay happy.

Great story! I only experienced that once, and it was great!

I'd love for you to do that with me for real! In fact, if you were sitting in my lap peeing I would be peeing my own pants right along with you...

Great experience...do you or have you sat in guys lap naked and peed on him? Wet pee sex is the best...keep sharing stories

nice one, tho a little planning, a dress or skirt you can pull up, fishnets w. the crotch torn out, all make for a summer swing in the park hot & sexxxy!! ;)

Thanks for sharing that beautiful story! I can so imagine the impossible pressure in your pantie and the wonderful thought that you could release it and let it all go and pleasure him and you at the same time. Thank you so much, and lets chat a little!

I loved the story, thanks for sharing. I would like to hear more!

If you ever do not have a lap to stay I offer mine.

You can set in my lap anytime.

Sounds like a great time to me! I love it whena girl sits on my lap and pees!