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Going Down Under the Table

My wife really got a thrill out of doing it  in places where we might get caught. We did it a couple times in thr aboreraum at the zoo, at the beach,  at a baseball game, bars, and she'd me head driving in my convertible.  

If  we went  to a  restaurant wasn't very busy, had booths and table cloths,  I'd open my fly and she'd  go down on me.  We got caught doing that once after having  dinner. The waiter came over to our table and saw she had her face in my lap.  My wife sat up real quickly but he was a gentleman and  the only thing he said was: 

                 "I was going to ask you two if I could bring some dessert but

                     appearantly  you took  care of that already..."    

buckminster buckminster 61-65, M 3 Responses Nov 23, 2007

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One of my bigest fantasy is for my wife to be under a table sucking *****.

i've always wanted to give a bj in a restaurant under the table!