Bought A House

Ppl kept telling me that it was silly to buy a house when I'm still single and don't really need the space. I told them its actually better for my finances to pay a morgage then throwing away money on rent. Which is true, but the real reason I bought a house was so I can **** on the floor wherever and whenever I want!

I moved in last spring. I did nothing but drink water while the movers brought on my few belongings. As soon as they left I shut my front door and just let go, soaking my cut-off shorts and panties. I remember moaning loud as it ran down me legs to puddle at my bare feet. And it did puddle; I made sure to but a house with tile and hardwood floors to make clean-up easier(no carpet!)

Any way I made myself stop, then went to each room of my new house, found a corner, squatted down And peered in it, like I was making my territory. Then I went into my backyard, still in my soaked shorts and pissed all over my patio the finally on the base of the tree in my backyard. By then I was empty, so I just sat under the tree in the pee-soaked grass and stuck my hand down the front of my shorts and rubbed myself off to a screaming O before heading back inside. Thank goodness for privacy fences!

I love my new home and I love how I can **** whenever I want now. My favorite thing to do is to let it go all over myself and the floor as soon as i walk in the door coming home from work. I make it a point to steam clean my floor every Sunday so it doesn't smell like a grody public bathroom all the time. I haven't worked up the nerve to **** all over the house yet, but that what panties are for!
PissWhore PissWhore
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16 Responses Dec 16, 2012

WOW !! Would love to come home with you and watch !!!

Mmm that's awesome mark your territory.

peeing all over sounds fun, have you ever been pissed on or pissed on someone else? just marking territory

peeing all over sounds fun, have you ever been pissed on or pissed on someone else?

Gorgeous story. Nice to meet like minded people who enjoy pee. Xx

you should definitely try to **** all over the place too !
justy clean it up at the end of the day i guess :)

thats amazing, daughter and me do the same all over our house, even tore out the carpet to make it much easier, there is no place we havent done it in our house!

PissWhore, you truly embrace the only point of growing up: so you can play & do as you please! ^ _ ^ As to not working up the nerve to **** all over your cute house yet...only a matter of time, I'm sure. Enjoy it dear (pissy smooches) :3

- Karin

the freedom to pee whereever you want... wish i had that too *gets jealous*

Sounds to be well worth the expense ! I'm imagining you walking around your house not knowing just where to **** first. Have to agree with captainb about watching a girl **** on the carpet though !

So your favourite place to pee is the middle of the living room floor eh? Well, my biggest turn on is to watch a girl stand in the middle of my living room with her legs a little apart, and **** all over my living room carpet. If it weren't for tha age difference between us, I think perhaps we would be a match made in heaven....LOL

You should invite me over for drinks sometime :)

What an amazing story. I'm really impressed how you worked being ****-nasty into how you live.

Where is your favorite place to go in the house now that you've been there a while?

Definetly the the middle of the living room floor. That way I'm sure to walk on it several times that week.

Congratulations on the house - smart move. Mine is now paid for and I have a roof over my head for life.

If the cleaning gets too much you could always wear diapers round the house in privicy and **** them whenever and whereever you like. I have to share my house with a partner that does not approve of my ******* habits but would love to be able to wear a diaper whenever I feel like.

Congratulations on buying your first place! When's the moving in party? Get a load of wetters around and youll definitely need that steam cleaner! :)

Well I'm sure I'll need diapers before long, peeing at will in my house for months is really messing with my potty training. I've started to wet myself automatically in public a few times before catching myself.