Starting Small

This spring I'm starting small, but I'm starting!  I started reading about herbs and gathering books on the subject this past year.   I live in an apartment, but I have a patio and I'm going to do a container garden with a few interesting herbs.   I'm thinking mint for sure.   It would be nice to add to drinks and fruit things this summer.  Then I want to choose a few that will make nice additions to herbal sachets for their smell.  Someday I will own my own home and make a proper herb garden, but you have to start somewhere!

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Just a little info drying herbs is very easy even in the winter time. I put a string around whole plants and tie them to a cabinet door. The herbs that you pick in small bunches I put on a paper towel on cookie sheet. Turn the small bunches so they dry evenly. Make sure they are completely dry before storing them in bottles that resist light. I use cleaned pill containers with the labels removed.

Plant mint all by itself. It is very invasive. Lavender and Rosemary are the most beautiful herbs. Lavender smells wonderful and is also easy to grow without requiring much water. Basil and sage are great too! Oh and don't forget chives for those baked potatoes!

Does your local Supermarket sell window sill containers!<br />
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There is nothing like picking your own!<br />
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Mint for a drink is great!

herb gardens are so sensual.. pluck the leaves and crush them and you get a hit of beauty. I love it.

OMG I was just thinking about that last night! I would like to learn more about medicinal uses of herbs, too. Must be in my blood cuz both my grammas were herablists (one in Italy, one in the deep South USA). My house is much smaller than our old one, so when we moved here instead of a big tree we got this Christmas tree shaped Rosermary with lites. After the holidays we planted it & that thing has grown like crazy! It's fragrant, nice to bring in a few springs & just put them in a bud vase to scent the room.

it is inspiring.

And you can't beat the smell of rosemary.

Love them! Sometimes at work, I go into the nursery and nibble on basil :-) It makes me happy.

Make sure it gets plenty of sun.<br />
And don't over-water.<br />
Fresh basil is really nice for cooking.