1. How many best friends have you had in all your life?

My wife
The other 10 couples in our group as we all grew up with each other
Mike AKA “poobear” we became partners in I Viet Nam and we were part of a duet
Saint and Bunny

  1. How many siblings do you have?

None my birth family hated me for living while my twin was born dead I left home at 12 old and my best friend’s mother gave me a new home o live in with lots of love, and she did this know how the two of us felt about each other

  1. What is the worst thing that you believe could happen to you? 

I was talking with my wife on the plane radio as we made the last turn in for a landing in 1967 and I started to tell her I loved her and she was telling me something about our mother and she was leaving the as hole she married and ask to move back in tour home when the plane really just explode

  1. Is there anyone out there that knows every single thing about you?

It would be Saint and Bunny Penny would know a lot of the stuff from the past but really have net seen her sense mike was killed in a dive accident.

  1. What was the last song stuck in your head? 

Up on the roof


Because as young couple we loved to sit up there and watch the starts of the clouds as the drifted by we even had a widow’s walk built on the house

  1. How did you lose your very first tooth?

Best guess is it would have been knocked out by my father

  1. How many long term relationships have you had?

  2.  3 all of them had ended in the death of the other person one my first wife was killed in Viet Nam my second love was killed by her ex two weeks before she would have become my wife

  3. The 3 we had been with each other for almost 2 years and her parents came up to visit and her mother got in a fight with her the next day she ask to use the car to go see her doctor and she went to see a different kind off doctor and they told her they did not have time that day so she walked out to the side walk crying opened her purse took out a box cutter and took her own life

They did keep her on life support till I could get there and we talked and I went to pull the plug on the machine as I saw her mother standing there I told her what I was going to do and ask her if she would walk with me
       8. What are your top three favorite bands? Beach boys, CCR, country Joe and the Fish
   9. What music do you hate the most? None
 10. How would you rate your own looks (1 being really bad-looking and 10 being too hot)? (7)
 11. What's your favorite candy? dots
  12. Who was the last person you talked to over the phone?
     Staffs that had sick kids and could not work last night
 13. When was the last time you had one of those awkward, uncomfortable conversations?
                Think it will be on Sunday morning
 14. When was the last time you told someone a secret?
 Only ones left have to stay that way
 15. What is the most recent lie you've told? Have no idea that just is not me
 16. What is the most recent silliest or dorky thing you've done? Do not think it fits here but so be it yesterday at Wal-Mart a young lady was to explain to her to little kids  why they could not have a toy they both wanted and were willing to share as I picked up the toy and paid for it then had the sales person give the bag to her from Santa
 17. Would you consider yourself to be innocent and clean-minded? Think I would have to say Devilish minded love to do the unexpected
 18. When was the last time you cried? Writing this
 19. When was the last time you laughed so hard you almost died or had to pee at the least? Have no idea
 20. When was the last time you got caught doing something you weren't supposed to be doing or going somewhere you weren't supposed to be.  Years ago in a big city they had this new building and I was able to get my package from my car and sneak into the building and make it all the way to the roof and a guard as me what I was doing I told him nothing and ran for the edge and leaped throw the drag chute out and was the first to base jump that building
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Dec 15, 2012