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After life

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15 Responses May 22, 2012

Sandra Dee

James Dean

Audrey Herpburn

Rex Harrison

Steve McQueen

Paul Newman

Humphrey Bogart

Katherine Herpburn

Elizabeth Taylor is dead too.

Yes...A great after life Michael.

The Creature from the black Lagoon.

Okay. I'm lost with the monsters now.

"EGO"!!! LOL (played by the very, very late, great! Bella Legosi)

Or was it Egor? Lol

Ok Ladies let's get back on track! Lol. :)<br />
Frankensteins Monster! 💂

LOL thank you!!! :D

Shrek Monster

Afterlife! i thought was "ghost/spirits/lost souls"!??

You said Zombies. I heard from Angel the TV show. I think it was Wesley who mentioned reanimated corpses.

Yes. Those do count for afterlife.

Thanking you! my gorgeous! :D

"Zombie"! :D

reanimated corpses

Is that? good or bad??

immortality (although technically dead...lol)


Ha!ha!ha! :D loving your answer comment, here Roxanne!LMAO! LOL :D


blood sucker

Awwwww! bless you! :D