Coochie Snorcher

Ok...  looks like "Manhood" is slowing down. How about we try names for that place we men spend the first couple of hours trying to clamber out of, and the rest of our lives trying to get back in?

(Drumroll...) Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you, for your delight and delectation, the names, words, terms of endearment, that we use for....  (Badooom-Tish!)

The Delta of Venus



Lazarus42 Lazarus42
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penis scratcher

**** ... ******.... gash...<br />
<br />
not sure I saw any of them.

penis pocket

tunnel of love

carnal canyon


Wishing Well

love port

Victoria's secret


Ellie Mae Clamp-it LOL!!! ;-D

button hole ;-D


steam room



Pipe fitter, kitty, Kitty cat, fun hole, cherry pie, cream pie, pink pie, love, flower, hand warmer


*** catcher

hair pie :-)

glove of love

pleasure paradise

L’Origine du monde (The Origin of the World)<br />
<br />

money hole


hot dog bun


I LOVE Chloe. Do you mind if I use it too?

Chloe is beautiful Melody :o) I like personal names best of all i think!<br />
<br />
We can't forget the most powerful feminine word ever... "****" If i was a girl i'd reclaim this one as my very own. I think it's the accompanying power contained in that word that makes lilly livered male theists so frightened of it. <br />
<br />
London used to have a Gropecunt Lane where the working girls hung out, since changed to Threadneedle St. where the Bank of England now lives.<br />
<br />
Any more ladies and gents?

cockpit LOL!!!!


How great pixelita!

Va jay jay :-)~

All these names are great, any more?

Ohh, Lily's a good one.

Chloe is great!!

Chloe (It's what I named mine)

coochie coochie


hot dog warmer



*** catcher

Coochie, nana, the dug out, pu*sy, ******, vi-jay-jay