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26-30, M
19 Responses Jun 26, 2010

I'm REPORTING this stupid doggie obedience school for PULLING MY EAR!&nbsp;&nbsp; Maybe THEY need to go to ANGER MANAGEMENT!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I'm gonna bite him when he lets go of me.</p>

i cant wait until the vet removes this growth.......

"I'm telin' ya, I don't need a face lift!"

"Let go or lose the hand...."


go up...&nbsp;&nbsp; up...&nbsp;&nbsp; a little to the left...<br /><br />
No!...&nbsp; back to the right...<br /><br />
now, down just a little...<br /><br />
yeah... that's it...<br /><br />
ooooooo oh, man you GOT it!...<br /><br />
THANKS, dude, that was driving me nuts!

Come on you dirty mutt!&nbsp;&nbsp;Spill the secret to those great-tasting barbeque beans right now!

<br /><br />
Who's a good human...YOU are,...yes you ARE...<br />

Apparently, this dog ALREADY knows how to french kiss...

Why u making me do the ugly face !!!

<br /><br />
help me i have this mans hand growing out of my head..................<br />

Scratching a dog's ear is often a religious experience for the dog...and it can start speaking in tongues...<br />

<strong>DO YOU WANNA PARTNER</strong></p>

I sometimes wonder if my owner would love me so much if there was such a thing as, "paternity suits for dogs."

Bruno, before getting "fixed"<br />

Harold was&nbsp;slightly hesitant to put on his dog costume.

In my neighborhood this may be the friendlist face you see all day!</p>

Unconditional Love.

Nawww doggie! You look like my doggie! Even got that line in the middle on your snoutch naww doggie XD