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22 Responses Jul 9, 2010

the centerfold of Puppet Magazine...............

(irrational censoring)  of any remnant of his heritage, Woody contemplated the trees, wondering who his parents might have been.

hmmm..i should probably put some clothes on<br />

Can I move yet?

Why isn't my nose growing? After all this LYING around!!!!

They finally traced back to where the wooden sailors caught their termites from.

<br />

"That's it ... 6 or 7 times then off with the boys<br /><br />
..... to brag ! "

Sure hope no dog comes by

"Oh Gawd!...I've got woodlice invading all my crevices!"

Hey Ken, Barbie is mostly all&nbsp;plastic; I WOOD be all natural.

Aaww's NudyDude's toy as a child.

<strong>I'm all wood baby</strong>

This isn't what I meant when I said become one with nature.<br />

The X rated version of Toy Story.</p>

Wiat - - - is thqt poison ivy?

Shhhhh!&nbsp; I'm hiding from the Mythbusters....</p>

C-3PO prototype.

Galatea from "Bicentennial Man" poses for a wood sculpture.&nbsp; The sculpter, from a rare artist <strong>splinter group, </strong>did the work for free since she offered a "no strings" relationship...<br />

I've got a woody!

Days later, the puppetier was charged with puppet ***********.</p>

Pinocchio in "Superstars: Where are they now?"