Caption Of The Day For July 10, 2010

The caption image for today July 10, 2010:

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26-30, M
21 Responses Jul 10, 2010

" OK, but I'm not doing any tricks ! "</p>

Is that all you are giving me<br />

You can't fool me. I know what you are up to.

You want me to eat that?!<br />

That's for me b*tch!!

Is there a red or a blue pill in there Morpheus?<br />

Should I bite the hand that feeds me?<br />

I dont know about this viagra testing it on the cat first...............<br />

Crap!&nbsp; and I ran though a wall for this?

taking medicine the easy way...<br />

my purrrrecious!<br />

His name is Rush and he's hooked on Oxy-cat-n.</p>

"Please, Sir, may I have some more?"

cat is taking vitamin pill to remain healthy as some humans do..

The Sistine Chapel of lolcats.<br />

Such a cute kitten.... love her eyes........ her eyes are so ..... hopeful n trusting sort of.........<br />

Groovy.....Kitty PB Kups.&nbsp; I like these better than Kit Kats.<br />

Catwhiskers ALWAYS checks out everything before she makes a decision....

You know the drill, if that's cat treat, fine, I'll play nice, but if that Medicine, get ready for a real cat fight!

Oh yeah...Catnip now in <b>easily digestible </b> will <em>whisker </em>away to kitty zen haven...

I wish she had human friends she could take her ecstacy with.