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The caption image for today July 13, 2010:

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28 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Many can do STARS with their hands, STARS with their feet, but we can make a SUN with our heads!<br />

One life's most beautiful circles of peace :)

United Colours of Bentton...Yoga style.<br />

LSD sharing<br />

Pink and yellow and green and blue<I can see a rainbow<br />

How much longer until the glue on our heads wears off?

I hope no-one has any nasty nits they want to share with me


&nbsp;Synchronized Sleeping.....the newest sport for the Olympics

Something tells me that the "putting your heads together" quote isn't supposed to be taken literally.</p>

ALRIGHT LADIES.Good news.&nbsp; Today you get to change your underwear.&nbsp;&nbsp;You in the blue, change with the one in the pink. You in the Salmond, change with the one in&nbsp;the green.&nbsp; You other two, work something out. Don't say we aren't progressive her at camp Chief Whachamacallit</p>

The original image for the Expo 67 emblem for "Man and His World" is a bit Testosterone challenged these days.&nbsp;&nbsp; Should be "Woman and Her World" in keeping with the times, and all

The&nbsp; late night comedy Wheel of Disappointment is getting better, finally.

Conjoined sisters attached at the hair.<br />

Hair to sunshine, Hair to sunshine

<br />
Okay.&nbsp; Evildemon gets a half-dozen of his friends to vote on the lame suggestion of&nbsp; "I win."&nbsp;&nbsp; I'm on to greener pastures elsewhere in EP.&nbsp; See ya.

Just a bunch of ugly women showing off their camel toes.

The odds in finding a true blonde.....NONE!

Are you sure &nbsp;this is the right way to make a crop circle?

WILL ALL WHO ENJOY THIS SECTION<strong> PLEASE REPORT EvilDemon TO EP!&nbsp; </strong>This&nbsp;selfish kid has been asked repeatedly to STOP DOING THIS.

Any chance my blond hair dye will stop the brain waves from connecting fully with everyone else?

peace and unity for all.

The Cameltoe club...<br />

Let us be one with the universe...and the color wheel!

Taste the Raimbow?<br />

We are competing for biggest boobs laid flat on the ground.<br />

Ok now if we all channel our thoughts together, at the same time, maybe we can get Joan Rivers to retire.

Wouldn't this work better in a pool?<br />