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The caption image for today July 16, 2010:

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23 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Huh? I wonder IF the grass is greener on the other side? .... Which way do i go!?


I can't contain my laughter, I just sent some vacationers to Gulf of Mexico on vacation.

Ok you go and hide,I'll come and find you<br />

Try the 'shrooms, they're gnarly...

Gribbldy gribbldy grew...your blood will make my stew.<br />

Shhh!&nbsp; Be vewy quiet.&nbsp; I'm hunting twavel deals.

I "Gnome" i am supposed to be somewhere....

Isnt that the guy from Orbitz?<br />

I can't take the <strong>pun</strong>ishment any longer!!! You all are so <strong>pun</strong>ny!!!&nbsp; I think I just may fall over any second here!&nbsp; Aaaaaaa...haaahaaahaaaaaaaa!<br /><br />
Oops! pants are wet!&nbsp;&nbsp; :-o

Snow White thinks I'm down at the mine, but I always sneak back to see her take her bath!

I am not laughing at you, I am laughing with you! weren't laughing???

My name is Well<br /><br />
I am a gnome<br /><br />
living in the EP virtual world<br /><br />
which I call home<br /><br />
I'm not a midget with a funny hat<br /><br />
or a Lepricon to show you where<br /><br />
the pot of gold is at<br /><br />
I do have special powers<br /><br />
of&nbsp; knowledge and wisdom<br /><br />
I love to laugh<br /><br />
I'm a myth to some<br /><br />
My name is Well gnome<br /><br />
Maybe you've heard of me<br /><br />
here on EP.<br /><br />
*giggle* giggle*<br /><br />
&nbsp;<br />

You mean to tell me you didn't use Travelocity?<br />

I took&nbsp;the leprecon's pot -- it's ungnome who took the gold.</p>

Yes, I know I haven't shaved, but I'm auditioning for ZZ Top!

See? this chip off my front tooth is nearly as sharp as the point on me head!</p>

So, how did you like the tea?

HAHA!&nbsp; I&nbsp; Just shat in your rose bush!

Be very quiet my friend, I am suppose to be doing those travel commercials!<br /><br />

Gnome-ore bad puns, please.<br />

<em><strong>YOU,</strong></em> my friend, are very fortunate, indeed.&nbsp; For having found me in this vast wilderness, I shall grant you<em><strong>&nbsp;4 wishes</strong></em>.

My brother on Travelocity cracks me up!&nbsp; I'd rather not be so well-gnome.<br />