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26-30, M
22 Responses Jul 18, 2010

<em><strong>when is it my turn to steer but leave the seat on this time </strong></em></p>

Whole new meaning to back wheel driving!<br />

Who needs satnav when you can hire a child<br />

Man: "Why are we doing this again?"<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Woman: "Honey for the 15th time,&nbsp; doing the Macarena on the back of a bicycle is going to be the next big thing and I need to practice so keep going!"

I cant wait until he gets his lisence back!<br />

Look no hands.<br />

If you don't buy me a seat I'm giving you a karate chop!<br />

You can't accuse me of back seat driving if I don't even have a seat!

<strong>Hey if your going to drive then no eatting....give that to me....WATCH OUT FOR THAT KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</strong>

After their stint in rehab, The Flying Wallendas were never quite the same.

Ok! That was very good and now as part of the new cyclist safety test you have to cycle blindfold across that motorway and through the shopping Mall.

I'm sure ET was in a basket on the front of the bike you know.....<br />

That's the spot I want our home, by the way when can we get married?

Watch out for that pot hole...slow using both hands...keep your eyes on the road...I'll tell&nbsp;you if you are going to hit something...who was that girl you were looking at? &nbsp;

Conjoined twins can still enjoy many fun activities...

Get of the bike or ill mug you.!

Now remember this, is &nbsp;the only way we'll get on America's Got Talent, trust me!

Gawd!!! Even at this age women tell me what to do!!

Now open the Umbrella and we can take off like Mary Poppins!

The back seat driver...<br /><br />
&nbsp;always telling someone where to go, no matter what the vehicle.

This is <strong>no time </strong>to be popping a wheelie!<br />

HEY!&nbsp; If you are going to be my taxi, keep you're eyes on the road!