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The caption image for today July 19, 2010:

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26-30, M
19 Responses Jul 19, 2010

The goofy guy in the background is my Dad, he's only jealous because I told him to stop hitting on my girlfriends<br />

Aahh brings out the silliness in all of us

Nancy finds herself aligned to the orthagonal influences of Mickey the Magnet Man.&nbsp;

If he keeps going he will have FLOWER EARS permanently fixated to his head

Hey, that's the guy who keeps ruining all <em>my</em> photos!

Hook 'em horns, no wait, Peace, no wait, why do women have two lips, no&nbsp; I mean two sets of lips?&nbsp; so they can p**s and moan at the same time, no wait....

Man!&nbsp; Edward Scissorhands is getting on up there!

name: paul fart, mall cop Report: young girlie seen&nbsp;taking priceless wax&nbsp;tulips from the premises of the macaroni grille. is heading south toward freeway exit, where it is suspected she will try to gain profit for the stolen goods, is being pursued by&nbsp;a man claiming to be robin williams on crack. but really&nbsp;he's&nbsp;just my brother..dont tell anyone</p>

ahhh thats great guys but the tv isnt coming in any clearer.........

The old man behind me wants me to dress up for him like a turkey , and,..he won't go way</p>

"Where do you want me to put these"?

Do you think an antena on her head would help her get out of the tuplip clouds?... Up? or Sideways?

*Just a little off the top there doll.....but not too much!*<br />

J'adore!<br />

Rock....paper.....<strong>scissors....</strong>not with <strong>my flowers </strong>he ain't!<br />

Yeah, my dad finally got the hang of counting to 4!<br />

Dad, this isn't the best time to be showing off your ninja moves!

i don't care, i'm pretty and i know it !

Girl smiles sweetly, but thinks: Grrr! If these were cacti I'd shove them up that guy behind me's a**...Sideways!