Caption Of The Day For July 22, 2010

The caption image for today July 22, 2010:

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21 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Too late now to let me know THE PAINT WAS WET,THANKYOU!<br />

" And I don't want to hear about a box<br /><br />
of chocolates, either! " i have to!!!.......

what? im 16 and smiling is overrated.

you look like you had a bad day.&nbsp; oh bye the way they just painted the bench....................mwah<br />

I have just read yesterday's caption entries.<br /><br />
&Iacute;'m thinking the girl in the photo has just read them too., you don't understand.<br />

<em><strong>Pleeeeeeeease</strong> tell me that this guy in the flowered shirt, checked shorts, and socks with sandals who's pointing that camera at me is <b>NOT</b> my blind date....</em>&nbsp;</p>

she doesn't realize the fresh paint sign fell behind the bench..&nbsp; hope she likes stripes..

Are you serious? this again?<br />

<br />

I knew I shouldn't have gone on a date my mother set up!

Dear Grandma,&nbsp;<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Thank you SO much for my great new outfit. As you can see in the picture, I LOVE wearing it.....<br /><br />
<br /><br />
<br />

I'm not smiling til you apologise for saying that my bum looks big in this skirt!

Here I sit....all broken hearted<br /><br />
Paid a dime to sit<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Now I feel retarded<br /><br />
<br /><br />
<br />

Life is like a box of chocolates............

I'm still ticked off you made me change into this blue skirt so that auntie Betsy wouldn't think I was Goth.

Hey <strong>muscle jock... </strong>Bench press this!<br />

WHAT&nbsp; DO&nbsp; YOU EXPECT, &nbsp;I GOT MY PERIOD TODAY !!!!&nbsp;

oh really you <strong>MAY</strong> have "<strong>emblished</strong>" on your profile discription?

O...please just leave me alone