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The caption image for today July 23, 2010:

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26-30, M
15 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Can we stop playing now?! I have things to do in the computer!!!

Hey, make up your mind! Do you wanna play frisbee or dance to Thriller???? </p>
Cause I can go sit in the a/c, eat munchies,&nbsp;and play&nbsp;video games&nbsp;if you're just gonna screw around!&nbsp;</p>

Remember mary not to play frisbee with johnny in the road...............

Have you seen the size of that blue button?

I'm pretty good at this; I think I will try juggling swords next!

Well that was Frisbee.&nbsp; Later, Jimmy threw FrisC, FrisD, and FrisE in rapid succession...<br />

Concentrate, Luke.&nbsp; Lift it with your mind.&nbsp; Use the force!</p>

Sure, I can take that call.&nbsp; Just hand me the phone.<br />

Where did&nbsp;I find that frisbee? On my red-white-blue shirt! Sure, it was not a button of that short of yours!

<strong><em>NO, your Other right....</em></strong>


How to stop a zombie sister.<br />

I hope Mom doesnt miss her blue china plate!

Oh no...I hope he knows he's supposed to CATCH it!<br />

Quick, run off to the left.&nbsp; That space saucer is going to attack us.