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The caption image for today July 24, 2010:

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22 Responses Jul 24, 2010

hahahaha lol:)

I thought it was chapstick... damn super glue!!!<br />

If that's the case...then what is the rest of the populations excuse.

This is serious-her face might crack

Posted where I work

Finally, <strong>ONE&nbsp;</strong>"National Day o ..." that President Barack Husein Obama won't cancel.

i have been not smiling for years<br /><br />

An anti-social extremist having an extremely hard time dealing with the fact that the photographer said, "Say Cheese!"</p>

An attempt by the&nbsp;unemployed to picket unemployment.

she is nothing to smile about..............<br />

I would believe that was <b>Rosanne Barr, </b>except for the whole <em>silent vigil </em>thing goin' on...<br />

And if it rains, let a frown be your umbrella.

Actually, National No Smiling Day was yesterday but the wind changed and my face stayed like this :(

&nbsp;hey listen up!..&nbsp;I've been doing it for a lot longer than just one you best wipe that smile off your face!</p>

:( (Hope you're happy!)

If&nbsp;YOU looked like this, YOU wouldn't smile either.&nbsp;

Gertrude's reverse psychology plan flopped big time at the Last Comic Standing competition.&nbsp;&nbsp;

F**king botox! Did this to me!!

Ever notice how anti social, communists can be?</p>

You wouldn't be smiling too if you were staying awake silent.<br />

(Looking for something with which to prop up my Vigil )

Just smile back at them<br />