Caption Of The Day For July 26, 2010

The caption image for today July 26, 2010:

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19 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Can you see the eye chart now?<br /><br />
Can you read English?

The poor kid is not well.&nbsp; The hand on his face is from someone who cares.&nbsp; She has caught his face before it hit something hard, or ssomthing like that.&nbsp; The back ground makes it look like an institution, like a school or hospital.&nbsp; There is nothing witty or ironic about it that I can find.&nbsp; he needed help and he got it from someone.

One billion cross eyed optometrists' dream!!!<br />

hide and go seek sneak peek</p>


" Oh, no!&nbsp; I AM that Grudge kid ! "

Oh the shame, Sake hangover!<br />

Half Human...Half Hand...THE HANMAN!!!

I'm just going to snort this line with my eye, cos I'm paranoid my nose will collapse if I do it the traditional way!<br />

sure, hey, i said "i will study my face off and not stop for nuthin'" but owwwww ms. b., my eye, my eye!!!!

homework isnt better with one eye either..........

If I cover this eye then it can sleep. Then I'll trade off. Geezzz!! my There're killing me!!!!

I wish its a beautiful sight caught my eye<br />

When I said "lets play pokeman,I didnt mean, poke me in the eye man"

I protect my eye. Should I first protect my hand with that glove in my pocket?

noooooo......not homework again

I spy, with one unfocussed eye<br /><br />
A pillow and bed, to rest my head.<br /><br />
A mind that spins, a brain that grins<br /><br />
The 7th spritzer, hit like a twister.<br /><br />
I lay me down without a frown,<br /><br />
knowing<br /><br />
I will wake with a big headache.

There,I found a new good camera angle for vanity pictures~

I can still see you<br />