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25 Responses Jul 28, 2010

after keeping me in that stinkey hat i'll dance to whatever you've got, just give me some fresh air zuhair!

arnt i pretty?

"and all the cobra did, and all the cobra did, was dance, dance,dance...............<br />

These so called Snake Charmers pull the fangs out of there poor reptiles and the snake dies in a short period of time.<br /><br />
Dont support snake charmers!<br />

don't call me snake eyes you bigot !!<br />

there's a<strong> PLACE </strong>in France, where thE <strong>WOMEN </strong>wear no pants, And the <strong>MEN </strong>do<strong> JIGS </strong>that would hipnotize the PIGS.&nbsp; I went and bought my self a ticket and I sat down on the very first roo--ooo--oowe.....

" You need to blow that horn, and blow it now ! "

One of these days your music ain't gonna charm me no more, and THEN what are you gonna do??

Bring that hand a little closer and I'm sinking my fangs in it then no more basket I'll be free<br />

The design engineers for&nbsp;Dodge Viper where surprized to witness the unvailing of Ford's&nbsp; 2011 new verson for the Shelby Cobra Mustang...

Welcome to Slitherine

Charmed?&nbsp; I'm not sure!<br />

The snake charmers guild can now get health insurance through <strong>COBRA!&nbsp; No pre-ex-hisssssss-ting conditions, please.&nbsp; </strong><br />

Shall we dance around the garden of Eden? Watch out for the apples

As Brittany spears' song goes "All eyes on me in the center of the ring,just like circus"</p>

I guess the hard part is going to be wrapping this birthday gift for **** Cheney.

Everyone wants me to perform.&nbsp; When can&nbsp;I&nbsp;have a holiday?</p>


After SSSSSSsssix years of performing the same routine, Sid the snake's eyes were beginning to glaze over with boredom.

come on then do what you said cameron come and hug a hoodie<br />

King cobra is not the king now as he is dancing before the charmer.

Hissssssssssstory is being written<br /><br />
Tom the tweeter's gonna get bitten

"We will see how charming you are when I sink my fangs into one of those hands of yours..."

<br />

whenever i blow this pipe you will dance for your supper. You will snap out of it when i clap my hands