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17 Responses Jul 29, 2010

"On top of old Smokey...All covered with cheeze...I lost my two meat Balls...When somebody sneezed...

The queen was so pleased with her new hat to wear to the ascot races.

Grandma I found your favorite hat!

Cheff Boyardee's verson of the Prince and The Frog.<br />

Mario&nbsp;Conti of Italy&nbsp;took first place in the Pimp Olympics&rsquo; &ldquo;best hat category&rdquo; with this stunning, gold brimmed chapeau.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />

I told you I would serve your nuts on a platter

Anyone in the mood for Egor's dessert....bugs not included?&nbsp; &nbsp;

<strong>Mom are you trying to get rid of the pet frog again?</strong>

for you my sweet enemy

The King of the Cannibals was delighted with his birthday feast when his personal&nbsp;cook served up fresh intestines topped with the shrunken heads of his rival tribes leaders.

Keel the crazy chef before he creates again !!!

Bite me!

"Oh, Waiter!&nbsp; There's a frog in my pie!"

Did someone say Italian Wedding cake?</p>

Now for dessert ; chocolate spaghetti with meatballs &nbsp;

Looks like the snake from yesterday now needs to grow a pair...<br />

And the winner of The Retarded Bake-off is:<br /><br />
Vanilla spaghetti cake topped with giant kidney stones!!