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26-30, M
16 Responses Aug 2, 2010

"Inception" gone horibly wrong....<br />

I'm am only a small part of the universe that's so tall.<br />

Things are looking up!<br />

i think i can see uranus....<br />

where aré the silver linings??? :/

"New York<br />
is where I'd rather stay<br />
I get allergic smelling hay<br />
I just adore a penthouse view<br />
Darling, I love you,<br />
but give me Park Avenue..."<br />
<br />
[Green Acres Theme]

DIdn't i stop getting stoned years ago?

Up in the sky.&nbsp; It's a bird.&nbsp; It's a plane.&nbsp; It's Morty Moose.&nbsp; Yup, yup, yup!

Honey I've ....... Been shrunk by the kids!<br />

hey mannnnnnn, that was some partyyyy</p>

Reverse virtigo.

I'M SHRInking!!!!&nbsp;

are'nt those buildings high...

That car running me over has given a totally amazing new perspective on this city.

Down here we get 10 minutes of sun a day!<br />

Everyone! Look up,the sky is falling!