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The caption image for today August 3, 2010:

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19 Responses Aug 3, 2010

I don't like blowing my own <em>trumpet</em>, but I don't need all this makeup to rock the Indian wedding!!<br />

See you give Martha a little make up and it goes to her head.....................<br />

I wonder how many people realize, that's NOT a second trunk on my underside...

"some call it animal cruelty, i call it my dream make-over"</p>

Strike a pose !

Just think how much cosmetics I need to look this beautiful!<br />

Do I have the ' Madonna ' look ?


this elephant knows she is beautiful<br />

I'm only a two-seater, but come with EXTRA trunk space.

Sun kissed with fabulous freckles!</p>

'Bloody vandals' &nbsp;!&nbsp;&nbsp;It'll take hours to get this off &nbsp;

Aawww so sweet of you to say. Yes. I like this color of eye shadow too!!

60s flashback weekend photo

Uh, damn it where did I put my car keys?

Hey! A little face painting....a little junk in the trunk..and it's "look out Bali!"<br />
Can I bum a pack-a-derms?

Ellie here is not the most beautiful creature alive but add a little make up in the right places and you can see her inner beauty coming out.

Tease me again, Loser and I'll have more than your nuts in my truck.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.