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The caption image for today August 4, 2010:

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16 Responses Aug 4, 2010

<em>shhhh.It's the boat in it's natural environment... I hope we don't scare this beauty away!</em>

Tune in tomorrow, when we will have Today's Caption of yesterday's photo of the photographer of today's caption, which was taken yesterday????????<br />

On a slow day, this Somali pirate photographs their latest ship held for ransom, "Joe's Bilge-Pumping Service Boat"

Have you worked your two jobs together, at the same time, as I do? I'm a model and a photographer.<br />

I'll get this photo of you taking a photo, then Jim can photograph me taking one of you taking one of the boat and THEN.....<br />

tomorrow we will show you the photo of the guy who took the photo of the guy taking the photo.<br /><br />

Gilligan takes a picture of the boat damage not realizing he has no way to send the image to get help.

I'm not really photographing anything.

I always just take a quick snap of the vessel before the tour starts...for security purposes, plus I find most people doubt&nbsp; this place exists.</p>

Thats my idea of paradise,,sheer joy!<br />

I wonder if I look like I'm taking a picture, they won't realise I'm actually taking a dump.<br />

Ya, Mawn.&nbsp;<br /><br />
Dis be one bee- u- t-ful pic- cha here, Mawn.<br />

Ominous clouds and purple ships don't mean jack squat when it comes to good photography. Wait....that <em><strong>is </strong></em>Jack Squat takin' the picture!&nbsp; My bad.&nbsp; He's always on his toes.<br /><br />
<br />

Marcel took aim with his swiss army camera as he prepared to shoot a &nbsp;harpoon line out to the giant Viking ship anchored in the bay.

I'll pretend I'm taking a picture and not looking at those two making out in the boat. Orrrrrrrr. Maybe I can put it up on youtube and make some money?<br /><br />
<br /><br />
&nbsp;ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhh crap! As soon as I move this foot I get a terrible tingling sensation!

i'll pretend im taking a photo then i can have a really big fart !