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26-30, M
37 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Once in a blue moon!

cute....and beautiful!

Think you're having a bad hair day?

Okay, where the turd am I?<br />

Was a blonde, suppose to dye hair to be a brunette, NOT BLUE-NETTE!<br />

DAM! I can still see you pink roots!! I'm Blue daba de daba di!!!

It's all Obama's fault&nbsp; ;)

"These humans are so&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; odd looking..."</p>

I think I may have used too much Clorox 2 last time...I wasn't goin' for the cotton candy look!

Why is it that only my boyfriend believes that I am a natural blue-head.

<br />

What do you think, does this sweater make my hair look blue?&nbsp;

Pround Blue Man group groupie!

so nervous form my lousy makeover i want to run but i lost a bet with a punk

That's the last time I let the Smurf's hairdresser do my hair!!&nbsp;

Does the cuff match the collar?

There's a pervert comein right over here...ahhhh.....

awww man i guess my hair is the color of a highlighter</p>

I am thinking maybe I overdid it on the makeup?<br />

I love the blue rasberry slupie now I can just suck on my hair!

I told you <strong>Neon</strong> Blue not <strong>Navy</strong> Blue! The top doesn't match now! I look <strong>stupid</strong> now no thanks to you!

Monica told Bill she'd wear a disguise so no one would recognize her.</p>

When I said I would go to the "smurf reunion" I had no idea my friend would take things this far!! Geezz!! now what the heck am I going to do. I feel like a lollipop?!?

Cold and scared

I love blue. I only listen to the blues. My&nbsp; Favourite play is the blue man group. Only drink blue berry tea and eat blue cheese.&nbsp; And my boy friend has blue balls.&nbsp; Well now I'm off to the theatre to join all the other little old &nbsp;blue haired woman.</p>

Maybe now they won't notice I'm cross-eyed.

There's only one way to tell if her hair's naturally blue... ;)

what? it the turtle neck?...think it's too warm?

What!?! Oh my God what do you mean its permanent.<br /><br />

Officer! Why am I being handcuffed, I was here just to get my hair dyed and not to sell weed??

Ok.........this shampoo was to take care of dandruff..............<br />

Haven't you ever seen Radioactive Blonde before?<br />

"I swear Mr. Wonka, I didn't eat one of your Everlasting Gobstoppers!"<br />

OK,, which hand?&nbsp; Left or right?&nbsp; Guess which hand I have the condom in and I'll sleep with you.

Are you Tonk Nympadora??<br />

Whoops. I guess I had one too many blueberry Slurpees.

She belongs with the smurfs.Or on planet blueberry.