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The caption image for today August 9, 2010:

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26 Responses Aug 9, 2010

She looked better last night after a few drinks

Retreaded to Retired...........<br />

That snake isn't scary.&nbsp; It's tired, it's eyes are red, and it's tongue is dragging the ground.</p>


play keep DRAGON onnnnnn<br />

Oh come on...that is obviously a rubber snake!<br />

Year of the dragon at the play ground.

OWWWW, Volkswagon!!!!

You bet it looks weird in dogs agility competition when they jump into my mouth and come out of my *** ten seconds later.<br />

My pet is wheel tired because she hasn&rsquo;t had a Goodyear. &nbsp;Under too much pressure, she lost her grip and now she&rsquo;s all jacked up.&nbsp; Could you rubber for me?&nbsp;<br />

I'm hungry, where's my rubber mouse?

Where all the kids at!<br />

and true to his word jesus did return, but time had not been kind to the little zombie king

*Yawn* "I get so<strong> tyred </strong>of being asked if I've got skidmarks in my undies!"

I'm Gonna Eat Chu!<br />

Little is know of the rare exotic tire monster but when sighted people run in fear but little do they know it is quite harmless to humans.<br /><br />

When I ordered my new tires, I requested an agressive tread with a little bite to it.&nbsp; <strong>I should be careful what I ask for...</strong><br />

Here kiddie, kiddie, kiddie!!

Arrrgghhh,&nbsp;I dare Gene Simmons to top this!

Ok,so I aint a fire-breathing dragon -but come any closer and I'll strangle you with my tongue.

Yea I have Heterochromia

"all the better to&nbsp;EAT you with, My Dear."</p>

The green Hornet, 40 years later, a low-budget-movie, starring a Guy.

<em>No, I'm not dangerous. Come a little closer. You'll see.</em>


I TOLD you something was eating all the tires.<br />