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26 Responses Aug 10, 2010

pic is always niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

- maybe we would get a better score if we were looking in the other direction...

ANGEL and CHARLIE!?!<br />

Am I at Madame Tussauds???<br />

boys will be girls<br />

<br />

Don't make us shoot in the air :$<br />

electric nail guns at 20 paces.........uwwww<br />

If I stand like this and hold the gun like this, do you think They'll know I'm a Man???

Madam Tussards clearly got Charlies Angel wrong.<br />

Yeah, you were right, we do make a good Baby and Scary Spice!

So when they said "bump somebody off," they didn't mean bumping butts?&nbsp; Sorry.....<br />

Okay gurlfriend, on the count of three, point and shoot.<br />
<br />
1...2....3. KAPLOW!

<strong>Blonde One:</strong> "Oh Glob, how did we end up in this&nbsp; "Nerd-A-Palooza" convention?!"<br /><br />
<strong>One with Glasses:</strong> "I guess we're just nerds."<br /><br />
<strong>Blonde One:</strong> "No...<em>you're</em> the nerd..."<br /><br />
<br />

Do you think those guys over there are drunk enough to think where funny yet?

Is that Ugly Betty behind Blondie?<br />

The new Cagney and Lacey, coming soon to LOGO TV Friday nights at 9!</p>

Yes, I 'm still on the "D List" ,said Kathy Griffin

Was that a rub I just felt, Blondie?</p>

To the stand in with the red revolver: to fire, use the trigger.

"Crap, we're surrounded.&nbsp; Hang on while I peel&nbsp;outa this Bieber T-shirt and break out the secret weapons!"

So girls can't GET high score, huh? Read and weep!<br />

....''if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad-if it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad''......

Hey,no photos - I told you I'm not the blonde from Abba!

cover me i think marios on the shrooms again.<br />

we are Bond007.A girl version.we love to play with boys and toys.<br />