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26-30, M
34 Responses Aug 11, 2010

be to the point

be drug free...

Be yourself. Nobody else

BE sure that you want to do this, it is talking about suicide and about BEing sure if you really wanna take that risk .


Some lazy arse couldn't be bothered to finish this tattoo!!

Its short for ben! Thats all i got

Look Ma! I got a tattoo!<br />
Alternately, it could mean a sense of self and living, but I like the perhaps less mental and more child rebellious option

"I can be myself around you." - August 11th is the day I'm getting married.<br />
I love this photo because I can "be" myself around him. He means the world, and I want to "be" the one you love.

I just want to...

Man gets tattoo with message: Let Him "be"!

I think it means "be armed" in my opinion.

I have nothing witty to say about this; just thank you because its artistic ex<x>pression spoke to me tonight and has made me think. I did not buy or receive one gift this Christmas because I have nobody in my life. I have no kids, no true love, no loving family. I have not been and as I close my night with my best friend, liquor, I will think about this picture and what it was intended to inspire.

Forget who you thought you were... just be.

Just "BE"&nbsp;

I WANTED "Be all that you can be" but the tatooist was stoned and ran out of room on the other arm.<br />

<br />

On other arm: "Let it.."..or "May"

Let your hand 'be' on mine forever!! I want you to 'be' with me forever!! Love you!! 'Be' mine!! **Kisses**<br />

Next time, turn off the printer before you unclog the paper jam.<br />

this is all i can be

Couldn't decide WHAT he wanted to be

to be or not to be that is the tattoo

I knew I shoudlnt have trusted that shady tatoo guy!

I am who I can be.<br />

Need to be me

be.?&nbsp; Obviously it does not mean "bent elbow."&nbsp; And it's not a "be" sting, 'cause it's not swollen...I know.&nbsp; Maybe it's "better effort" next time, EP.<br /><br />
<br />

The advertising scheme by EP is starting to work...every time he looks at his forearm, he thinks of ep.</p>

" Not to BE", is on the other arm<br />

Holly, to "dot be" or to "be dot": what's the question?

To be forewarned is to<strong> be forearmed</strong>

it was supposed to say Beiber, but I chicken out

"Well my daughter's name is Beatrice, but I didn't have enough for all eight letters!"<br />

can someone get me some off spray? i,ve got a be. on my arm.<br />