10 Steps Of How To Take Care Of Your Period

Ok so I bet everyone here has there period right? So here are 10 steps of how to take care of it.
Step 1: When you get it, clean your undies and then put on a pad.
Step 2: Wash your hands good and clean.
Step 3: Tell your mom or if your at school your teacher.
Step 4: Tell all of your friends what happend!
Step 5: Whear more grown uo clothes so you can feel good about how grown up you are.
Step 6: Get a cool hair do.
Step 7: Get a boyfriend.
Step 8: Tell your friends that you have a boyfriend
Step 9: Interduce him to your family.
Step 10! Go have sex and get married!
18-21, F
7 Responses Jan 12, 2012

I hear that it is "different" nowdays?

Please ask your soch teacher - i havent been a Boy for a long time!

if your a boy, tell me, why would you read it?

What if you are a Boy?

Mmh so u had sex already?!

Mmh so u had sex already?!

So this is for people with their periods and people who don't know what to do when you get it