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Caption of the Day For August 8, 2008

The caption image for today August 8, 2008:

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ExperienceProject ExperienceProject 26-30, M 59 Responses Aug 8, 2008

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mmm...warm chocolate chip cookies!

<p>MMMM the distant sounds of fungirl's voice.</p>

<p>Haha, I farted, but if I couldn't hear it, then neither can you! ;P</p>

<p>The sounds of sheer bliss..</p>

<p>"I like big butts I can not lie..."</p>

<p><b>Air Supply is the greatest!</b></p>

<p>To help all the kids, all you have to do is...<br /><br />
<br /><br />
<i><b><br /><br />
Kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia!</b></i> </p>

<p>Ouuuummmmmm my God, that's good vibes, DJ!</p>

<p>The new Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones even block the voices in my head!</p>

<p>Driving the kids to school is so much more relaxing listening to music!</p>

<p>Listen to the sound of love and let it travel to your heart.</p>

<p>Sailing away to carefree lands</p>

<p>Yess I AM crazy to be listening to farm animal sounds, so buzz off!</p>

<p>,,,and I though Valium was kewl,,,,,</p>

<p>Kids screaming at you all morning for lunch money=$5</p><br />
<p>Stuck in a taxi during a traffic jam on the 101=$35 &nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Sound from the Noise Blocker 2000 headphones=Priceless</p><br />
<p>You won't even hear the charge on your Mastercard.</p><br />

<p>Music is the way to go, a way to escape.</p>

<p>**FFwwooM** **FFwwooM** **FWOOOM*** ***FFWOOOM!!!****</p><br />
<p>(sounds heard on headphones in the movie 'Contact')</p>



Down down deeper down<br />
The cure to her infection<br />
Down down deeper down<br />
Until she finds perfection <br />
<br />
Leave all her lovers hurt<br />
'Cause there all seen with frost<br />
Leave all the rainbows<br />
And the things she knows she's lost<br />
And always flows the water<br />
Refusing interference<br />
And always flows the water<br />
And nature coaxes sleep<br />
And nature coaxes sleep<br />
<br />
<br />
Crustation - "Down Down" lyrics

<p>ahhh peace and quiet!!</p>

<p>Photographer, if the next shot isn't the one, I'm going to whip these headphones off my head and beat you with them.&nbsp; I can only look blissed out with hairs tickling my nose for so long.&nbsp; </p>

<p>Breathe in.....breathe out....breathe in...breathe out.....breathe in.....</p>

<p>hmmm.. i wonder what the neighbors are talking about today.. Oooh this setup works fairly well.. </p>

<p>The most undercover vibrator around...vibrates the ear drum and drums it's way down.&nbsp; And you can use it at work!</p>

<p>Woman pretends to be from Mars</p>

EP in stereo, now this is the life!

<p>I'm Lovin' It!</p>

<p>ahh the soothing sounds of Yanni</p>

<p>EPSarah was sure she could hear EPGrace asking her for one of her chocolates, so she turned the music up just in case!</p>