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Caption of the Day For August 14, 2008

The caption image for today August 14, 2008:

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ExperienceProject ExperienceProject 26-30, M 77 Responses Aug 14, 2008

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<p>Due to the mass promotions at IBM, there was a backlog at the escalator.</p>

<p>Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's off to work we go</p>

"And we're climbing a stairway to heavn."

<p>Safari hats: it's hard starting a fad</p>

<p>This way to heaven and hell</p>

<p>"Hmmm, maybe I should&nbsp;have&nbsp;my 'Be Yourself' tatoo removed."</p>

<p>Jeez, the guy standing next to me really smells bad.</p>

<p>Ok.. Who farted????</p>

<p>Raise your hands,,you feel confident you wore,. "Sure"</p>

<p>What up with that hat, Lady?</p>

<p>&nbsp;Mmmm, good body, nice hat- couldn't mistake her for my wife!</p>

<p><b>BEAM ME UP SCOTTY&nbsp; !!!!!!!!</b></p>

<p>Guy in the middle to guy with hat " You! Why are you wearing blue, when you know it's black and white day!?</p>

<p>The aliens have landed.</p>

<p>Don't you think we are a tad under-dressed for the occasion darling!</p>

<p>If i let a fart,who would they blame??</p>

<p>Introducing.......the new and improved "People Moving Ride" at Disneyland!</p>

<p>Obesity Epidemic? Well, at least no one here seems to be affected....</p>

<p><b>"Stand still!".</b>.."<i>No body move," "</i> I think we're being watched."&nbsp; </p>

<p>New Arrivals Announcer:&nbsp; "Mormon trainees to the left, Jehovah's Witness to the right, please."</p>

<p>WHO DOESNT BELONG? the people who dont match....find the answers on page 23.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Who Farted?</p><br />
<p>Not Funny Guys!</p>

<p>Now I know how the women feel.</p>

<p>Boy, there sure are alot of Mormon Missionaries out today.</p>

<p>Hey, who farted?</p>

<p>and there off</p>

<p>OH...&nbsp;&nbsp; Mr. Tyler...&nbsp;&nbsp; Going Down?</p>

<p>Free donuts, 2nd floor!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Now we get the really large bowling ball.....</p>