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74 Responses Aug 14, 2008


<p>Due to the mass promotions at IBM, there was a backlog at the escalator.</p>

<p>Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's off to work we go</p>

"And we're climbing a stairway to heavn."

<p>Safari hats: it's hard starting a fad</p>

<p>This way to heaven and hell</p>

<p>"Hmmm, maybe I should&nbsp;have&nbsp;my 'Be Yourself' tatoo removed."</p>

<p>Jeez, the guy standing next to me really smells bad.</p>

<p>Ok.. Who farted????</p>

<p>Raise your hands,,you feel confident you wore,. "Sure"</p>

<p>What up with that hat, Lady?</p>

<p>&nbsp;Mmmm, good body, nice hat- couldn't mistake her for my wife!</p>

<p><b>BEAM ME UP SCOTTY&nbsp; !!!!!!!!</b></p>

<p>Guy in the middle to guy with hat " You! Why are you wearing blue, when you know it's black and white day!?</p>

<p>The aliens have landed.</p>

<p>Don't you think we are a tad under-dressed for the occasion darling!</p>

<p>If i let a fart,who would they blame??</p>

<p>Introducing.......the new and improved "People Moving Ride" at Disneyland!</p>

<p>Obesity Epidemic? Well, at least no one here seems to be affected....</p>

<p><b>"Stand still!".</b>.."<i>No body move," "</i> I think we're being watched."&nbsp; </p>

<p>New Arrivals Announcer:&nbsp; "Mormon trainees to the left, Jehovah's Witness to the right, please."</p>

<p>WHO DOESNT BELONG? the people who dont match....find the answers on page 23.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Who Farted?</p><br />
<p>Not Funny Guys!</p>

<p>Now I know how the women feel.</p>

<p>Hey, who farted?</p>

<p>and there off</p>

<p>OH...&nbsp;&nbsp; Mr. Tyler...&nbsp;&nbsp; Going Down?</p>

<p>Free donuts, 2nd floor!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Now we get the really large bowling ball.....</p>

<p>what the...... that chick in the hat just farted.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Lemmings all of them marching one in front of the other not really knowing where they are going.</p>

<p>Pssssst lady in the hat, hey you, you have toilet paper stuck on your shoe.</p>

<p>Whats the rush? all the bathrooms are locked.</p>

<p>The team from Moritamia recently began training for the 100 meter escalator ride in the 2012 Olympics in London.</p>

<p>does anyone know where we're going?i'm following you!</p>

<p>dang it!! I wanted to push the red button.. &nbsp; Next trip ..yup ..i'm gonna do it.. heh heh</p>

<p>Budweiser drought. nuf said</p><br />
<br />

<p>Little did anyone know, but red would be invented on that very day!</p>

<p>the attack of the clones lol</p>


<p>WHAT? This isn't a "Where's Waldo" pic?</p><br />
<p>So what the heck have I been looking for....</p>

<p>The spice of life, variety???</p>

<p>....In an alternative universe where Cows cull human beings..."Hey, will ya ship these over to the market?"</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Sammy Jo Duponte x</p><br />

<p>stop the world , i want to get off !!!</p>

.................And thus began Tom's safari into the extravagant mall. will he ever make it through the escalators? Will he find his girlfriend through the maze of people wearing what appears to be the same style of clothing? And why does Tom feel like he is a salmon? And if he is, will he be snatched up by a grizzly bear?<br />
more on this epic story later.

<p>A normal day at O'Hare airport before the price of gas reached $100 a barrel</p>

<p>Not having the funds for elevators AND stairs, the architects compromised...</p>

<p>"And the pairs of animals entered the ark..."</p>

<p>EVERYBODY loves pretzel day at the office</p>

<p>To b honest, I dont even know where I'm <i>going</i>, i'm just following everyone else.</p>

<p>"What you thinking man?" "I'm thinking, why does the handrail always move faster than the steps?"</p>

<p>...And yet somehow, Helen still believed deep down that she<i> was</i> a unique individual.</p>

The line for the toilet at the Olympics had to be supplements with escalators

<p>Is this not the longest wait for the restrooms ever?</p>

<p>Are you sure we are going the right direction this looks like a mormon missionarie conference to me!</p>

<p>The ants go marching 2 by 2.......</p>

<p>"Really now. Who cut the cheese?!" ;D</p>

<p>Sheeple on their way to slaughter.</p>

<p>One fart at the top here... and I can crop-dust the whole lot!</p>

<p>The new and improved Disneyland...Right Main Street...Left Adventure Land and...Center&nbsp; Storybook land</p>

<p>Here we see a horde of homo sapiens in their natural habitat. They are generally social animals, but once contained in a small animal watch out! Some of these little guys are in a hurry. To go where? No one knows...</p>


<p>The new EP t-shirts are on sale, hurry in while supplies last.</p>

Wish we could zoom into the Jetson's world!

<p>I knew I should have called in sick today.</p>


<p>The year 2010: People gather in line waiting to pass through security at their local airport.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Person in safari hat thinking: They say I live in a jungle</p>

<p>Let the robots out</p>

<p>I knew I shouldn't have taken Viagra.</p>

<p>Where's Waldo?</p>

<p>As he fought his way up the escalator to meet his girlfriend, Tom suddenly began to wonder, "Why the hell do I suddenly feel like a ******* salmon??!!"</p>

<p>Walking is so 2007!</p>

<p>Next time mate,, We take my car :)</p>