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26-30, M
68 Responses Aug 27, 2008

Are you going to give me the cold shoulder all day? I said I was sorry about mistaking you for the fire hydrant!

<p>"I told you this place really is real! A whole park just for pooping!</p>

<p>Hey big guy come up and see me sometime!</p>

<p>Hey! Are you listening to me?</p>


<p>you might be my sister but I still say you look fat!!</p>

<p>I thought that you said that you weren't into bondage?</p>

<p>Uhh Bob...there's something black under you.</p><br />
<p>I know. Don't you see me ignoring it!</p>

<p>God! She gets uglier every day!</p>

<p>yeh you look like me are you fo real wow</p>

<p>I'm going to tell you this because I consider you a good friend.&nbsp; Your breath has seen better days.</p>

<p>Get that tongue back in your mouth before I step on it!</p>

<p>I think I've been cloned!</p>

<p>Maybe she'll move if we pee on her shoe?</p>

<p>im way better looking than you, your a total minging dog *****, ( sticks tongue out )</p>

<p>Headsup friend.&nbsp; Here comes another skirt.</p>

<p>Dog 1- "Did you see that, man?"</p><br />
<p>Dog 2- "See What?"</p><br />
<p>Dog 1- "That wall. It jumped right out in front of me! Bam! Smashed my face right on it!"</p><br />
<p>Dog 2- "Dude, I've been there....."</p>

<p>I TOLD you to stop barking, now look what you've gotten us into...</p>

<p>I wake up grumpy everyday, and she still follows me everywhere!</p>

<p>Go into the light, go into the light.</p><br />
<p>Cross over children, All are welcome, ALL are welcome!</p><br />
<p>Pug1- "do you here Tangena?"</p><br />
<p>pug2- "Is THAT her name? I THOUGHT it was GOD!"</p>

<p>you thinkin' what im thinkin?</p><br />
<p>Yup, not again, boyfreinds eh?!</p>

<p>...and you say you had a role on which MEN IN BLACK movie?</p>

<p>I want a refund! This anti-wrinkle cream does not work!</p>

<p>Ok who's turn is it to hump the master's leg?</p>

<p>My shadow has pretty good looking figure ! Yours,&nbsp;well..&nbsp;looks just like you...chunky.</p>

<p>&nbsp;I musta had too many beers last night, 'cause suddenly you don't look so good and now i got fleas. &nbsp;They TOLD me not to be a dog and sleep around....&nbsp;</p>

<p> come here often?</p>

George Washington! Abraham Lincoln! Earth! It's August 27, 2008 and I've been waiting three and a half years damnit! I WANT MY DAY!!!!

<p>Maybe if we both run real fast...then she will get tired and take us home to out little pillowd in the window</p>

<p>Does this collar make my butt look big?</p>

<p>were going to take over the world pinky.</p>

<p>There's a halo around your head.</p>

<p>I just don&acute;t think we should get into that car...</p>

<p>You light up my life Babe!</p>

Ok. . .here's the plan. . .on the count of three I'll jump up and bite the humans favorite toy. . .yes the one he keeps in his pants. . .anyway, I'll bite, you run. I'll catch up. Ready?

<p>hey!!!&nbsp; Wear did you come from? you werent there a second ago.</p>

<p>I wonder if those shoes are rubber. ...</p>

<p>I think that ***** of light was a portal to another dimension, and we just walkd through it!</p>

<p>Hey Loiue I know he needs a dog to pick up women but why am I here?</p>

<p>are we supposed to walk her? duh,which way do we go george?!</p>

<p>I told you not to **** her off now look at where we are!</p>

<p>But I'm not turning my nose up at you mate - honest! I just cant help it</p>

<p>phew whats that smell? your in the dog house tonight baby!?!</p>

<p>Psst. hey Pugly did ya hear, Muffin is&nbsp;about to have pups and the word around the fire-hydrant is 'YER THE POP' :O&nbsp; why didn't ya tell me?I'm yer best friend?</p>

<p>Dog 1: Hey, buddy, there's a ghost on your shoulder.</p><br />
<p>Dog 2: I know. I think it's that mailman I chased into traffic the other day...</p>

<p>I hate morning walks-- feeling sleepy-!!</p>

<p>AHHHH! MEN! I told you to ask for directions back at the last fire Hydrant.</p><br />
<p>Now look where we are!</p>

<p>hey let us run away before that witch kills us both</p>

<p>Hey, let's ditch these humans and go back to my place.&nbsp; </p>

<p>You said if we ate her shoes we wouldn't have to go out today! How could you miss the second pair?</p>

<p>&nbsp;Come on brother, if we put our paws together we'll go back home to the purple planet!</p>

<p>Who you callin' dog-face ?? !</p>

<p>Dont get all upity on me baby,Dont act like ya never did it doggy style before</p>

Who are YOU calling ugly?

<p>"Hey baby! You are one fine lookin beeyatch!" ;D</p>

<p>Who's yard are we gonna poop in today?</p>

<p><br />
<p>I told you not to eat those beans at the mexican resturant see what happened around us? Look at our owner, you blew him away.</p><br />
</p><br />

<p>Well, what is she waiting for is she going to walk us or not? I've "got to go, got to go, got to go right now."</p>

<p>So ahh.. Did they really name you 'Mr. Scrunchy'? You're just kiddin' right? Right?</p><br />

<p>Does this leash make me look fat?</p>

<p>Don't look farted not me!!!!</p>

<p>Ralph says to Pugsy....."I'm telling you there was a fire hydrant right here"</p>

<p>I swear I wasn't looking at that French Poodle....darlin', you are the only one for me....</p>

<p>&nbsp;Next time, I get the purple leash.</p>

<p>Tell me the truth honey... Do these wrinkles make me look old?</p>

<p>"Hey?&nbsp; Ya ever hump your shadow?"</p>

"I told you we would end up walking if you farted one more time."

<p>You know... you don't have to give me the cold shoulder.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I said I was sorry.</p>