Caption of the Day For February 11, 2009

The caption image for today February 11, 2009:

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26-30, M
24 Responses Feb 11, 2009

<p>Remember, they work in cubicles, so there already dead inside</p>

<p>Lets see how long it takes these jerks to realise I havent turned on my monitor all day :D</p>

<p>Isn't this new style of working great. I don't even have to make eye contact with another human being for a whole shift.....&nbsp; stay focused&nbsp;.... sales..sales...sales...targets..targets...targets</p>

<p>Look like mice stuck in a maze.</p>

<p>To think we get paid to be on EP all day!!</p>

<p>manage e'tois online</p><br />
<p>or computer processing intelligence of user, nothing seems to be registering?????</p>

<p>See, THIS is why guys earn more than women... Look at the butt load of papers on his desk compared to theirs =P</p>

<p>OK, who thought we'd wind up here taking orders for QVC.&nbsp; My college education really paid off.</p>

<p>A true blonde - "working," even when her computer doesn't.</p><br />
<p>Like, how do you turn this thing ON?!</p>

<p>Kelly thinks...With Beano, they'll BE NO Gas!</p>

<p>Are you paying too much for your car insurance?</p>

<p>Would it look too obvious if Mary came out from under my desk right now?</p>

<p>Stacey loved her job at the Bank ...... but the thought of breaking a nail trying to switch on the monitor .............</p>

<p>It's nice screwing the boss.&nbsp; All I have to do is sit here and pretend I'm working so the others don't become suspicious!</p>

<p>How do you turn this stupid computer on!!! Oh well I'll just pretend I"m working.</p>

<p>HE thinks wonder which one i should send this e-mail to first</p>

<p>Do i look stupid for acting like im typing even though the monitors not even on??</p>

<p><strong>Quick, finish this game before the bss comes in!</strong></p>

<p>EP addict, can't wait to start typing away her stories and confessions, she hasn't even noticed the computer isn't on.</p>

<p>Pay attention kiddies! Graduate from college and this could be you!!</p>

<p>1st meeting of EP users live and in person.</p>

<p>sleep working project!</p><br />
<p>Trying to take over EP, they don't even need to turn on their computers!</p>

<p>Kara and Jen both tried not to look at each other and was obvious Bob's silent but deadly gas attack was not ending soon!</p>

<p>girl sending email to other girl.....i think we should mess with him and make him think he has a chance LOL</p>