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ExperienceProject ExperienceProject
26-30, M
34 Responses Feb 12, 2009

<p>I sent her a smiley, girls love smileys...</p>

<p>Ah, this is life.&nbsp; And they think I'm busy.&nbsp; Now what do I do?</p>

<p><strong>I JUST CANT GET ENOUGH OF THE EXPERIENCE PROJECT SITE!!!!&nbsp;</strong></p><br />
<p><strong>i LOVE THIS STUFF!! </strong></p>

<p>Size doesn't matter......It's how you watch it..</p>

<p>Gary uses his telepathetic mind power to tuen the rollodex</p>

<p>awww, the 2 gay pcs adopted a little notebook and they don't care if it is a MAC. be careful around big human nerd...he, uh, let's his fingers fondle our "keys" and i don't want him anywhere near jr.'s spacebar! maybe uncle roladex will help keep an eye on him...he is looking at him pretty weirdly....</p>

<p>Now what can I type into my&nbsp;'Twitter' to make me sound interesting. Can't say 'Sitting here looking at a screen drinking a cup of coffee ' that makes me sound a right dullard</p>

<p>Now, that is not connected to the office network.. can they still find out???</p>

<p>Heeeyyy!!!&nbsp; WHAT&nbsp;THE???????</p>

<p>Dam, why do those ****** post nude pics of themselfs? Give me a real woman in sexy clothes and I'll do the rest.</p>

<p>Financial reports?</p><br />
<p>What's this? (Click)</p><br />
<p>Ahah! I am SO&nbsp;underpaid! </p><br />
<p>(Sloshes coffee over laptop...)</p>

<p>ahh screw my 2 coumpters im a laptop user :)</p>

<p>First my red stapler, now my chair!</p><br />
<p>whats next? Storage area B ?Ill miss the great view.</p>

<p>Ahhh, the old "act like you're busy whilst doing nothing, trick"&nbsp; I should've known!</p>

<p>Edward loves nothing better than a&nbsp; coffee and a good natter with his friends the computors and&nbsp; address book ,,,,,,,,,</p>

<p>&nbsp;Cool Midget ****</p>

<p>HEY!!!!!! THAT'S MY F***ING WIFE!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Gary never reads labels properly.</p><br />
<p>As he sets up the DVD his boss told him to&nbsp;use for the big company presentation, he fails to notice the title of the disc and inserts the secret footage with the boss and Diane from Accounts going at it on his desk!</p>

<p>what did the mexican say when his house fell in on him?? Hey get off me homes.</p>

<p>The longer Randall waited for the job interview, the more he realized he didn't want to work at a company that still uses a paper Rolodex.</p>

<p>Dude, I think my computer just had a kid!</p>

<p><strong>Yes, love I am extremely busy!</strong></p>

<p>Man, there's something wrong here! This&nbsp;little guy doesnt look anything like his parents!</p>

<p>"Computer, I said &laquo;tea, earl grey, hot&raquo;!"</p>

<p>I'll just check out e-bay while I'm here, spilt coffee all over my nice mac and stained it, I just have to find another.</p>

<p>Jim dumped his entire cup of coffee on his laptop in the hopes that he could go home for the day... but ALAS! It shrunk.</p><br />

<p>Now, let&acute;s figure out how this contraption works...</p>

<p>ha ha this is fooling everyone in the office it;s my dvd pla<x>yer</p>

<p>When are you going to grow up little guy?</p>

<p>&nbsp;Heyy..they think I&nbsp;am working.....but I am actually watching ***** on my portable DVD pla<x>yer....</p>

<p>Oh - I didnt know Susan was into that sort of thing...</p>

<p>office ****........"I'll bet she doesn't even know i'm watching.</p>

<p>Just keep looking relaxed and busy...the boss has no idea how under worked I am.</p>

<p>Bob was stunned at the noises coming from his ex-wife's laptop.....who knew pouring a cup of coffee on the laptop could be so delightfully devious.......</p>