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The caption image for today February 15, 2009:

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26-30, M
37 Responses Feb 15, 2009

<p>Ahhhhh!! It's the killer rabbit from Monty Python's Holy Grail!! RUN&nbsp;AWAY!!!!</p><br />

<p>Quick.....Hide! Before the boss' wife sees me!</p>

<p>Alice (in wonderland) had taken a bite from the mushroom which had made her to small to climb the steps.</p>

<p>Susan will go to any length to hide the fact that she smokes from her boss. </p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>SUSAN! IS&nbsp;THAT&nbsp;YOU ?</p>

<p>&nbsp;I need to eat all this cheese!!!! NOW!</p>

<p>AHH! MY TWINKIE!!</p>

<p>Hold on, left my panties under there during our lunch quickie.</p>

<p>popeye heeeeelllppppp.......</p><br />
<p>dont worry olive i'll save ya</p>


<p>Skirts seem not suitable for yoga, indeed.</p>

<p>Oh no! I dropped my chalupa!</p>

<p>she just couldn't live with the outfit the photographer put on her...especially with the surrounding colors. she had no choice but to jump before women around the world saw the awful get up in magazines everywhere.</p>

<p>This new birthing class really sucks!</p>

<p>God I hope they fix the elevator soon.</p>

<p>I KNOW&nbsp;I&nbsp;dropped the Easy button over</p>

<p>Gawd....the sh*t I do for my boss!!!!</p>

<p>Here Kitty, Kitty!</p>

<p><em>Oh why did i forget my gym bag??? trying to exercise in this get up is proving more tricky than I ever envisaged, as I tried to deide on route to work this morning...whether to turn back & get it... i think the ten minutes late, would have been so much better than ten to two splits...yikes!!!!</em></p>

<p>do you think he seen me</p>

<p>Okay&nbsp;Just A little More And I Can Reach It.</p><br />
<p>Almost there...Almost there.</p><br />
<p>AH HA! GOT IT!</p><br />
<p>Oh Crap Why Is The Floor Getting Closer?</p>

<p>*Thump* I'm spider-woman. Let me out of here! I&nbsp;climbed, did you see?</p>

<p>"Yeah that's right..You'd better run!"</p><br />
<p>Now....i shall adress the most &nbsp;important matter, how the bloody hell do iget down???</p>

<p>C'mon phone ... one more ring ...</p>

<p>AND STAY OUT!</p>

<p>Ice skating in stilettos is NOT recommended.</p>

<p>Allieoope...uh, im okay! Under Control!</p>

<p>ready?steady? GO!</p>

<p>"I shouldn't have ate that burrito."</p><br />

<p>"I am<em> sooo</em> not paid enough."</p>

<p><strong>Why did you block my way with the</strong></p><br />
<p><strong>filing cabinet! I told you that you can't </strong></p><br />
<p><strong>stop me from getting to you!</strong></p>

<p>In this position my thong is boldly going where no man has ever gone before......ooowwwwww I think I like it.....</p>

<p>&nbsp;I know I can do it.......</p>

<p>Little did she know what was on the other side......until she landed in the pig pen at the farm show exhibit. She was in deep sh**.</p>

<p>With feet this big there's no way I'll make that dance team... that's it, I'm jumping!</p><br />

<p>Lena thought she was much too much of a lady to ever wear sweat pants or sneakers.... even for the company obstacle course race!</p>

<p>The girl from E-insurance now realizes why she never wears a dress while doing stunt work. It's so unflattering climbing walls.</p>