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30 Responses Feb 20, 2009

<p>screeming with delight, the children reveled in the blood of the entire smurf village</p>

<p>Girls just wanna have fun!!</p>

<p><em>And now we'll see the presentation from our Marketing Dept!</em></p>

<p>Mom We made you an original Picasso, happy mother's day!</p>

<p>How is it possible that these little girls made such a big mess, but their jeans are intact!? It's a miracle, call the pope!</p>

<p>The Blue Man group&nbsp;kids on day out</p>

<p>This is why mom shouldnt leave the room for more then 5 seconds but its ok ill blame the dog!!!!!</p>

<p>... but you told us to paint ourselves ...&nbsp; right? ...</p>

<p>Future women to go on What Not to Wear.</p>


<p>"Don't worry....we showed those smurf's who's boss."</p>

<p>And that's when the penguin exploded!</p>

<p>Look Mom!!!&nbsp;&nbsp; No Cavities</p>

<p>"Hey Mom? Will this get us in a TIDE&nbsp;commercial?"</p>

<p>hey mom look wat we did</p>


<p><strong>Hey Mom we're finished tie dyeing!!!</strong></p>

<p>Now I know why the quote on painting the inside of my house was so low...OMG</p>

<p>Bet you can't guess what our favorite color is?</p>

<p>umm....she did!!!!!!!!</p>

<p><strong>We're supposed to be painting what...?</strong></p>

<p>The day after the Huang family moves into their brand new 1.5 million dollar home, the girls decide to paint their mother a picture...&nbsp; On the living room wall!</p>

<p>OHH&nbsp;CRAP... HIDEEE&nbsp;PAINT&nbsp;OURSELF&nbsp;AND&nbsp;LAY&nbsp;ON&nbsp;THE&nbsp;PICTUR</p><br />

<p>Modern ....... not quite cubic ...... more post impressionist ..... probably worth a fortune .......</p>

<p>Look Mom!&nbsp; We painted the living room for you...&nbsp; Happy Mothers Day!</p>

<p>Students in the&nbsp;<em>Jackson Pollock School of Art</em></p>

<p>dont we look cute :)</p>

<p>A moment to be treasured for a lifetime for them.</p><br />
<p>A moment of nightmare for their mum. :d</p><br />

<p>Numbers? What numbers?&nbsp; We didn't see any numbers...!!!</p>

<p>Renovation &nbsp;Makeover &nbsp;Team..........</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;to the rescue !</p>