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26-30, M
24 Responses Feb 21, 2009

<p>MONEY, MONEY & MORE MONEY.............</p>

<p>@!#$$%%^& I know I am going to wake up!</p>

<p>Small Business owner Josephesus Socksmitten tries to compete with the big&nbsp;Giant Guyan Von Smutzigbutton in the famous tale of Josephesus and the Corn Stalk. A story of Jack's brother.</p>

<p>Ya wanna see my happy dance???</p>

<p><strong><em>Look at me ma top of the world ........</em></strong></p>

<p>Obamaman...raider of the American work ethic!!!</p>

<p>Okay Obama, don't flush until I get the rest of these bills in the toilet!</p>

<p>Be careful what you wish for...</p>

<p>come get your money man babe!</p>

<p>bill gates wedding cake</p>

<p>Now I have it! What I've always wanted! But no one to share it with...</p>

<p>one day this pile of money will be a pile of ****!!!!!!!</p>

<p>On top of all the money, he turned out to be a hollow figure of a man.</p>

<p><strong>"I would give all this</strong>,<strong>to be a REAL man for </strong></p><br />
<p><strong>a day............!"</strong></p>

<p>Ummm, this isn't quite what I had in mind when I&nbsp;said I wanted to be king of a big pile of money.</p>

<p>This is the money you could be saving by not paying your taxes.</p>

<p>Lil' Max meanders up a mountain of money meaning to moon large Marge.&nbsp;Where Marge is though, is a&nbsp;major mystery!&nbsp;</p>

<p>I'm Indiana Jones and I'm here to steal all of your money!</p>

<p>The More the money the less it's worth. This money will pay for this month's Gas and Electric bill.</p>

<p>no wonder the banks went bust the wee man coldn't handle it</p>

<p>mini male escorts make a mint!!!</p>

<p>&nbsp;IS THAT A TRILLION $$$$ OR WHAT....</p>

<p>Indiana Jones and the Giant Greens</p>

<p>Dammitt.........Bob now realized he was not dealing with consumate professionals at his bank......they obviously misunderstood his request for his money in "large bills"........</p>