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The caption image for today February 22, 2009:

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32 Responses Feb 22, 2009

<p>where's grandma? i want to sit in her lap.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Oh Mum, and I haven't even hit pubity yet !</p>

<p>I SHOULDA had a V-8!!!!!!!</p>

<p>I think it's the recession</p>

<p>Im never going to a 6th birthday party again. </p>

<p>Headline: Big Bird gives 3 yr. old Avian Flu, Sesame Street quarantined.</p>

<p>I should of listened to Mum and not ate that 3rd Cookie!!!!!!</p>

<p>Ni Hao Kailan! Rintu is taking over for me today because I am sick!&nbsp;Catch me on Nick tomorrow!&nbsp;I should be feeling better by then.</p>

<p>Oh this pic is just so pathetic I&nbsp;can't say anything but aaaawwww! :(</p>

<p>Maybe the Americans are right.... We should stop putting lead in our toys...</p>

<p>&nbsp;I should have never had the tainted formula....</p>

<p>Honest, mom it's not because granma is coming.</p>

<p>I am the poster child for the Chinese economy...sickly!</p>

<p>The bad news is I'm sick...<br /><br />
The good news is&nbsp;mom didn't stick this in my bum this time...</p>

<p>I wish Nike would give us sick days! Oh well, back to the factory. </p>

<p>No Mum&nbsp;I didn't know there was a test today honest ..........</p>

<p>I&nbsp;should've had a V8!</p>

<p>no mum i did put daddies beer down the sink like you told me i didn't taste honest</p>

<p>I must be coming down with&nbsp;&nbsp;something or second &nbsp;thought is it because,I spent the house payment on a new tatto.Oh my god what am I going to do now?I am really&nbsp; sick!</p>

<p>I'm not crying because I'm sick....mommy gave me the dog's thermometer it takes like doggie booty!</p>

<p>&nbsp;I knew that I shouldn't have looked at my 401k</p>

<p>"Mom!&nbsp; Please don't make me go to school on Hannah Montana day!"</p>

<p>Oh no, I feel terrible.&nbsp; And today is show and tell at school.&nbsp; Do I go and show that I feel sick or should I skip it?</p>

<p>I feel like Barney ran over me!</p>

<p>This thermometer tastes <em>really</em> funny.</p>

<p><strong>But I'm really oka</strong>y Mum<strong>,The Wiggles are coming to Kindy today!</strong></p>

<p>Do I look sick to you?&nbsp;You can blame this on&nbsp;my moms&nbsp;new&nbsp;health food.</p>

<p>mommy I really am ill I didn't just eat all your choc liqueurs</p>

<p>Big trouble in little China.</p>

<p>That the last time I mix grape kool-aide &&nbsp;tang!" Dude wheres my big wheel?&nbsp;"</p><br />

<p>Me dont feel good</p>

<p>I just can't handle preschool today, mom.</p>