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26-30, M
35 Responses Feb 27, 2009

<p>mines bigger than yours</p>

<p>I&nbsp;can relax now, they'll never find me here!</p>

<p>Being president is easy, now what should i take care of ?</p>

<p>And they call me a"Book Worm."</p>

<p>ok.&nbsp; leave me here to die with the corporate jargon, but at least give me a bottle of tequila.</p>

<p>one done, 3 million to go</p>

<p>The Amazing Andrew! See this man lift a stack of papers with just his ****!!</p>

<p>One good thing about this humungo stack of papers in front of me, the boss will never see me sleeping.</p>


<p>Do i look fat in this</p>

<p>This is all the work I have to do for this job, I should have went to the other one.</p>

<p>"Hello!&nbsp; I am Mr. PaperStack!&nbsp; I&nbsp;have a hot date scheduled&nbsp;with Mrs. Filing Cabinet, later on!"</p>

<p>okay, sir, if you will please fill out this brief application, we can start processing your medical claim pertaining to your loss of head function. if you need visual or hearing assistance, you'll need to fill out another application, have it notarized with a letter of recommedation from your mother and pastor and....</p>

<p>Hey, itemizing on the new & improved tax return isn't as bad as I thought!</p>

<p>So after I fill out these forms, I can finally change my address on my license?</p><br />

<p>Now that I've finished&nbsp;the rough draft of my biography, it's off to the editors.</p>

<p><strong>I can get through all of this before lunch</strong>?</p><br />
<p>....Yes I Can!!!</p>

<p>One step closer to that window cubicle!</p>

<p>Ahhhhhh....&nbsp; I can sit back and relax, only ONE&nbsp;stack to take care of at work today!</p>

<p>I'm done ...</p>

<p>i got tons of rolling papers , all i need now is a fat sack</p>

<p>i hope you like my short verison story, Mr. Miller.</p>

<p>... Steve didn't even suspect the Book Monster was closing in on&nbsp;him until it was right in front of him ...&nbsp;</p>

<p>wow this is gonna be one wild party.&nbsp; Now all I&nbsp;have to do is give out all these flyers.</p>

<p>&nbsp;I wrote a short letter to say "I love You"</p>

<p>Ok, I sure hope&nbsp;I have all the right materials to complete my tax form.</p>

<p>Help! My head is stuck inside these papers!</p>

<p>Hee hee I can't believe this- EP that is me!! Just that I am girl--</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>Ah, a little light reading for bedtime tonight!</strong></p>

<p>&nbsp;tax time !</p>

<p>If i sit here very quietly and not snore people will actually think i am working!</p>

<p>Damn TPS reports!</p>

<p>Screw it!</p>

<p>Steve just finished the Federal Budget 'executive summary' in time for him to leave early for the weekend.</p>

<p>My Boss will never even see me hiding here. (Snicker, snicker, he forgot about his elbows and legs)</p>