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23 Responses Feb 28, 2009

<p>OUCH!! the breastfeeding book for dummies didn't say anything about him biting.</p>

<p>if only I knew your father</p>

<p>Um, um, good.&nbsp; Just like I said.</p>

<p>The very first love a child feels is it's mother's touch.</p>

<p>i still havent told ur daddy about u my sweet little angel</p>

<p>&nbsp;parenthood began with LABOR and will end with TEENAGERS......meanwhile &nbsp;there's bliss</p>

<p>Is it mine?</p>

<p>That radiation treatment really did mess your forehead up! Now you look just like your father. Can you say law suit, yes you can, come on, laawww suite.</p>

<p>I'm only 3 months old, and already my hair's falling out!</p>

<p>&nbsp;Hope for tomorrow</p>

<p>Leaded or Unleaded?</p>

<p>That naughty shampoo! It'll all grow back I promise,</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>it will, it will, of course it will, it will, it will, I promise!</p>

<p>The future looks good ...</p>

<p>Yes, you're finished feeding. Now Daddy gets to play with them. Purrr!!!!</p>

<p>oh baby they will never find out where we are true bliss</p>

<p>This shirt ain't cuttin' it lady, hand over the boobs and no one will get hurt!</p>

<p>I knew getting a job at that hospital would pay off! I FINALLY got a baby of my own... &&nbsp;there were so many to pick from!</p>

<p>This is how I&nbsp;get Daddy to shut up too!!!</p>

<p>Smile now Mom, while you still can........My teenage years are just around the corner.</p>

<p><strong>"What are you staring at!</strong><strong>..I'm hungry...!"</strong></p>

<p>Let me at em</p>


<p>geeze lady whats up with those breasts? they look like two torpedos melting. I prefer the ones that look like a couple of fried eggs hangin on nails</p>