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26-30, M
32 Responses Mar 2, 2009

<p>Sissy of week competition. Smile for the camera now! </p><br />
<p>You're in with a great chance.</p>

<p>I asked for a swinging affair with a toyboy! guess, i was misunderstood!</p>

<p>&nbsp;I am slipping her engagement ring off - and she has no clue!</p>

<p>dont we look pretty together :)</p>

<p>The man "WHY AM I HERE, WHY AM I HERE?</p><br />
<p>The woman..."I just cut a silent one"!!!</p>

<p>First love, stupid but cute</p>

<p>"We swing in more ways than one."</p>

<p>&nbsp;We may never love like this again.....</p><br />
<p>theme from Poseidon Adventure !</p>

<p>Maybe I should hang myself rather than stay with her the rest of my life... I think these chains would do the job! </p>

<p>Love is just the best,my love..</p>

<p>"If my parents knew how old he was.......awwwww man.! My dad would have a stroke!"</p>

<p>Unknown to either of them the device they share in their hands&nbsp;will keep them together eternally.</p>

<p>Naive Bill and Peg are waiting to meet Tom and Jill from the swingers ad...</p>

<p>we will never let go no matter what</p>

<p>Baby we are looking good!</p>

<p>"Gimme my goddam flower back, a**hole!"</p><br />
<p>"No! f*** that! I picked it... shaddup a minute, the EP dude is&nbsp;taking the f'n picture! Now smile so we can get paid, moron!"</p>

<p>Gee, look at those little *****'s like taking swings from a kid.</p>

<p>I am living my childhood fantansy, swinging with my friend</p>

<p>wow do you remeber when we did this when we where sis we hated each other /Now we are married wierd or what lol</p><br />

<p>I&nbsp;hope my wife doesn't see this pic.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Take the picture already!!!!!</p>

<p>Oh... to be young again.</p>

<p>WOW! Marriage really can happen for more than one year!</p>

<p>Mary thought ......... this Eco house is ok but what happens when it rains .......</p>

<p>He He,&nbsp;What a putZ!&nbsp; Wait till he discovers the crazy glue I put on his seat!</p>

<p>We smile because we have absolutly no clue what the hell is going on.</p>

<p>swingin life away</p>

<p>I wonder if "HE's" still sore from last night. I didnt know strap-ons where so fun.</p>

<p>Tod: Using photo shop I was able to put my head on the body of Jack. Now everyone will think Heidi and I are dating. Mwa haha.</p>

<p>Never knew swinging could be this much fun.</p>

<p>Thanks to the stimulus package we were able to keep our swing set.</p>

<p>Hi. I'm Julie, this is Steve. We're 'swingers!'</p>