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The caption image for today March 7, 2009:

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30 Responses Mar 7, 2009

<p>ok this is not how i got my name</p>

<p>I wonder what happens when he flushes!</p>

<p>before he got famous his name was winnie the steaming pile of sh#$</p>

<p>this is my favourite hobby :D</p>

<p>If I didn't eat so much honey, I prolly could see my d*** right now... Oh bother!</p>

<p>I KNEW I shoulda stopped at 2 jars of honey!&nbsp; Where is the pepto bismol??!!!!</p>

<p>Mother ALWAYS&nbsp;says "Pooh on the toilet!"</p>

Little Billy got confused when his mommy said that poo goes in the toilet....... so he put some poo in the potty, and some poo in the cabinet for later.

<p>Really, Do I watch you go to the toilet? **** OFF YOU PERVE</p>

<p>Pooh in the crapper</p><br />

<p>where is my book to read?</p>

<p>Who stole my trousers?</p>

<p>oh!My God,they took my stool,I'll have to sit here till some one comes,poor Poo.</p>

<p>&nbsp;I <strong>knew</strong> I shouldn't have trusted that Honey Nut Cheerios bee...His honey is never good...</p>

<p>Damn it another Disney Sequel...</p>

<p>can't a bear crap in peace</p>

<p>Hmm...If it looks like Honey,and it smells like Honey..I wonder.....YEP!</p>

<p>Would someone please return Pooh to EPJake before bedtime... He's gettin' too big to rock to sleep at night.</p>

<p>this is disturbing</p>

<p>All this has turned it golden. They don't call me Pooh for nothing.</p>

<p><strong>"I thought honey was supposed to be good for you!</strong>........."</p>

<p>Oh bother!</p><br />
<p>The honey has gotten me all stopped up!</p>

<p>What are YOU lookin' at?</p>

<p>Oh dear. Pooh has a rumbly in his tumbly.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Pooh and the HONEY JAR</p>

<p>Pooh-Pooh stinks</p>

<p>Pooh poop</p>

Pooh says..<br />
<br />
"A little privacy, please. hmm-hmm <br />
*sighs*<br />
Oh, bother."

<p>Pooh and the golden pooper, where's the paper?</p>

<p>There's just no poo in pooh......</p>