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32 Responses Mar 8, 2009

<p>This is how you dance the dance of the 7 veils...</p>

<p>And left and right and up and down..okay now the left side here we go...and right and left and up and down....</p>

<p>Despite the scarf, most of the audience quickly guessed that one of their belly dancers wasn't female.</p>

<p>ohhhhh&nbsp; i just want to strangle her for making me come to these awful belly-dancing lessons...the things we do for sex&nbsp;</p>

<p>I swear.. he really is that big!</p>

<p>Power Ranger 50+</p>


<p>&nbsp;Darling, YOURS is this size</p>

<p>Tomorrow we'll try it nude.</p>

Wow.....GlamourShots is really stepping it up this season......

<p>WTF!?!&nbsp;I&nbsp;thought you said this scarf wasn't see through!!!</p>

<p>The first informercial for the SHAMWOW obviously didn't go very well</p>

<p>Practicing for our belly dancing showcase at the state fair!</p>

<p>This First aid course is so hard ?</p>

<p>"Dah-ling!&nbsp; Let's do this totally uncool middle aged scarf dance!"</p>

<p>"Ah Vengeful Turnip! You have mastered the Scarf of Death! Very good! Now, you must master... Folding Chair Kung Fu!" </p>

<p>You'll never be ready in time for the St. Patrick's Day Parade!</p>

<p>Dad, I don't think our outfits match!</p>

<p>The dance of the 7 veils minus 5!</p>

<p>scarfing it up!</p>

<p>"So you think syncronised scarfing could become an Olympic event?"</p><br />
<p>"Yes............and you must teach me. If you can make Karate Kid a champion, then you can make me a twirl that scarf!!!!!!!"&nbsp;</p>

<p>1979 Scarf Dancing Champions</p>

<p>In this uncertain economy, Santa decides that he can only give scarves this year...</p><br />
<p>And that he can't afford to buy Mrs. Claus pants that fit her.</p>

<p>&nbsp;sparkle sparkle hide hide present present&nbsp;</p>

<p>I notice that you only have half a leg - perhaps you could walk on this scarf?</p>

<p>"Now, if I go like this, you go like that..."</p>

<p>EP Staff practicing for staff talent show... tickets only 20 tokens!</p>

<p>Two wrongs don't make a right.......</p>

<p>How Cirque&nbsp;du Soleil got started.</p>

<p>"Stretching scarves for a living really sucks," Jane thought as Sam, the boss tried once again to show her how.</p>

<p>Belly dancing.</p>

<p>Wont she be surpised when I put this around her neck and choke her to death.</p>