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35 Responses Mar 9, 2009

<p>how embarrasing... i hope my girlfriend doesnt find out about this!!!</p>

<p>EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!! Did he have to break so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>you said fetch, I fetched. You said roll over, I rolled over, you said sit, now what brainiack?</p>

<p>The Seat Monster spat the dog out in disgust!</p>

<p>Breaking News: Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile Rear-ends SUV, K-9 Passenger Claims Sexual Assault!</p>

<p>you can try all ya like but i ain't going to no vet...some best&nbsp;friend you turned out to be&nbsp;</p>

<p>So...this is what Mach 7 feels like.</p>

<p>If you would have buckled me in, the seat wouldn't have ate me!</p>

<p>Oh ****...</p>

<p>Fully loaded touring edition, 400 horsepower, ally sports suspension, all leather interior - and for the pet reluctant to visit the vetenerian, a hidden, fully automatic spade and neutering compartment.</p>

<p><em>I NEED&nbsp;A&nbsp;DRIIIIINK!!!!!</em></p>

<p>For gods sake there is a pedal on the left!</p>

<p>"You know when it's time to clean your car when the trash mutates into a monster and eats your dog."</p>

<p>SLOW DOWWWWWN!!!!</p>


<p>Could you BE anymore of a horrible driver?!?</p>

<p>"Now that's what you call acceleration Buster...............................Can you see now what I mean when I said you get sucked back into the leather seat!!!!!"</p><br />
<p>"I sure do man.................Doggone it!!!!"</p>

<p>Mom, Dad, come quick--I don't wanna die like this!!</p>

OMG!!!!! Who left that stick of butter in the back seat?!?!?

<p>Never bring your dog to Knight Rider car</p>

<p>Who's finger is that back there?</p>

<p>WHOA!&nbsp; Don't be using so much Armour All on the seats back here next time!</p>

<p>I understand that we are in an economic crisis... but seriously... buy the whole dog!</p>

<p>should not of snuck into britneys spears car</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>"The Delorean missed me by That much!!</strong>"</p>

<p>Sh*t!!!!.....ease up on the gas "Speed Racer"!</p>

<p>the dogg askes: Is this is why you should be wearing your seatbelt..??</p><br />
<p>the boss sais: haha u damn right</p>

<p>&nbsp;Zoom Zoom ........oops !</p>

<p>vehicle advert:</p><br />
<p>a newly added feature to our 2009 models. the canine safety restraint system. use it for extra security with your existing safety belts. insert back of pants into dogs mouth and grab onto upraised legs for added stability. (not responsible for damaged clothing, or any personal injury occurring from CSRS)</p>

<p>hi lady get the brakes seen to or go to specsavers</p>

<p>&nbsp;No! No! Please don't let her sit on me again!!</p>

<p>After taking a drive to the shops, James was mystified as to where his dog had disappeared to.</p>

<p>Yogidog, woof, woof!</p>

<p>Boy what pick up! Any more and I could Kiss my own @$$ Good-Bye !</p>

<p>And he thought the new gate across the back of his new SUV would keep me out of the front. HA&nbsp;HA! I showed him.......</p>