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43 Responses Mar 11, 2009

<p>do ducks eat meat? maybe i should try and see what happens if i feed it some of my sandwich...</p>

<p>Bananna must have ESP! GO NANNER!</p>

<p>Hello Duck! Have you seen Forrest Gump?</p>

<p>No frills Aflac duck. The discounted insurence.</p>

<p>Kid: "That duck has been following me since I left America and went to India."</p><br />
<p>Duck: <em>I wonder if the Secret Services will hire me now...</em></p>

<p>HMMM you looking mighty tastey should i try an lower calf or maybe go after that forarm with the food looks even better</p>

<p>You are one ugly bird!</p>

<p>Stop staring, I am not sharing</p>

<p>&nbsp;Duck.....This is MY bench.....move on punk!</p>

<p>I expected pigeons!!!!!!</p>

<p>"Hey duck! I bet you bl<x>ink first!"</p>


<p>I just ate your brother...</p>

<p>Peking duck</p>

<p>I&nbsp;could open up a diner with that thing.</p>


<p>Man, too bad I already had lunch!</p>

<p>If it looks like a duck, talks like a duck and walks like a duck--oh yeah! It's a duck!</p>

<p>Dude! I&nbsp;said...she left with that other duck. Get over it!!!</p>

<p>Yeah I'm eating your sister... so whatcha gonna do about it?&nbsp;</p>

<p>So you can un-clip shoes - what else can you do?</p>

<p>Don't give me that look. I am not sharing.</p><br />

<p>man&nbsp; "are you the food stealing duck?"</p><br />
<p>duck&nbsp; "quack!"</p>

<p>&nbsp;" The version of the duck"!! Staring contest 1 VS. 1</p>

<p>I am sorry that I may be eating your mother.</p>

<p>Hey who you calling a mudda ducker?</p>

<p>that would be great in fried rice!</p>

For Sale: 80's style dungarie overalls. Worn once seen in photo. $2.00 OBO. ( Duck not included )

<p>Hey duck, name's Mike.</p>

<p><strong>Aha..PEKING DUCK!!</strong></p>

<p>Hey!&nbsp; My name is Duc as well!</p>

<p>&nbsp;I&nbsp;don't think this one's turning into a swan any time soon.</p>

<p>Forrest Gump 2:&nbsp; Tokyo Tales.</p>

<p>run buddy or tomorrow this could br you</p>

<p>sh*t, there goes the neighborhood</p>

<p>Boy that duck sure looks better than what I'm eatin'!</p>

<p>yep.... i must be high</p>

<p>Peta's neew spokesduck</p>

The Aflack Duck incognito about to avenge his brothers death by way of Peking Duck

<p>I don't think you'd like my idea of lunch.</p>

<p>Hmm, roast duck for dinner. Why not?</p>

<p>This is my food, go get your own. </p>

<p>Aw go Aflak yourself duck!</p>