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40 Responses Mar 16, 2009

<p><strong>&nbsp;OH BABY, shake it!&nbsp;</strong></p>

The Green Revolution

<p>Must be a pants sale going on.</p>

<p>St Patricks day celebrations&nbsp;in full swing, complete with marching girls, erhh men wearing the latest fashion craze to hit Ireland: maxi cheerleading skirts, colour coordinated with sexy knee length socks, and oversize belts.</p>

<p>Facing fanatical pressure from Al Gore, Scotland Yard finally goes green.</p>

<p>&nbsp;Nothing worn under the hilt, maam, all in perfect working order!</p>

<p>where's wally?</p>

<p>Harry, Tom, Bob and Fred didn't want to be late for the Mixed Team Netball Finals, so they wore their skirts during Marching Band for a quick change to make it to the game in time afterwards...</p>

<p>Green and yellow lets go catch a fellow!</p>

<p>Pleats? Come on guys , thats soo 1990!</p><br />
<p>And what is that? rayon blend?</p><br />
<p>If your going to air out the wedding tackle, go for natural, cotton, wool.</p>

<p>Does this kilt make my butt look big?</p>

<p>Aww that breeze feels nice! Now I know why women wear skirts!</p>

<p>Are those women? Cause I sure hope they're not a gay guy parade.</p>

<p>you all my jest but they are all men in the best possible way and are proud wearing the kilt xx</p>

<p>Yummmm! Men in kilts!!!</p>

<p><strong>Dude put your skirt down, this isn't Show and Tell time</strong></p>

<p>just moments before the gust of wind blowing the kilts sky high, Tommy the leader bends down the tie his shoe...what great timing!</p>

<p>It takes some iron man to steam those pleats.</p>

<p>Just wait till the wind blows and well bend over for the finale! fun fun fun!</p>

<p>Why do I have to wearthis ugly green</p>

<p>St Patick's day or St Patricia's Day?</p>

<p>i will destory them all with lightning from my arse</p>


<p>and the green ones connected to the green one and the green ones connected to the green one so the green ones connected to the green one and thats how they created the green one...</p>

<p>Look mum, they&acute;re all wearing skirts!!!</p><br />

<p>"Let's hope the wind won't be blowing today...".</p>

<p>Without knowing they would wear skirts today, Leroy forgot to shave</p>

<p>And dad said I wasn't manly!</p>

<p>Tis Grusome.&nbsp; Feel it again lass, its grew some more!</p>

<p>Pass this note forward, Donald want's to play Happy Birthday for his mother!</p>

<p>" &nbsp;guess my dream as a doctor is out "</p>

<p>Pretty maids, all in a row...</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Look at all the pretty dresses lol </p><br />

<p>oh sexy mama's check out our backsides... bet we would win the contest hands down....</p>

<p>We're playing requests.&nbsp; Anything but the Can-Can! </p>

<p>GREAT! I am proud of my heritage but did they have to take a butt shot!</p>

<p>And the green jacket matches the green shoulder&nbsp;scarf and the green shoulder scarf &nbsp;matches the green skirt and the green skirt matches the green socks and nobody can tell we're wearing pink underwear...hahahahaha!!!</p>

<p>All the girls watching the parade were praying for a brisk wind to blow up from the South.&nbsp; While Tommy was praying for a quiet, uneventful affair as he had decided to go commando this morning.</p>

<p>As they were getting dressed the kilt wearers in the band sized each other up. The one with the 'most' to see gets to wear the gold trim.</p>

<p>Man, I feel like a woman!</p>