Caption of the Day For March 18, 2009

The caption image for today March 18, 2009:

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26-30, M
34 Responses Mar 18, 2009

<p>Where's my pot of gold!</p>

<p>It's magically delicious!</p>

<p>No, I wasn't gonna eat it, I&nbsp;promise!!&nbsp;</p>

<p>Why is there a short little green man with red hair standing there looking at me?</p>

<p>"Yo man what you looking at, can`t I enjoy my cracker in peace." said the little leprechaun!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>now sit still honey,maybe I'll get the luck of the Irish and you will be good.But mom wait! Iwish too! for some candy!</p>

<p>Is that a webcam he's holding in the other hand??</p>

<p>Know what you get if you cross a leprechan with a Texan? You get a big pot of chili at the end of the rainbow.</p>

<p>yeah have i got irish blood&nbsp; or are you winding everybody up?</p>

<p>hmmmm oneday I will be big and strong and I won't have forgotton this!</p>

<p>Could I have my bottle, please ...</p>

<p>What you lookin at leprechaun?</p>

<p>I am watching you! Don't even TRY to take my hat!!!!</p>

<p>Hey! An actual leprechaun!!</p>

<p>So you really think i'm a leprecauhn, and by giving me a small peice of chocolate I will grant you 3 wishes, OH please</p>

<p>what im a day late %$#@$&$#</p>

<p>"Always After Me Lucky Charms..."</p>

<p><em><strong>&nbsp;WHAT? &nbsp;Honestly, you KNOW I'm HOT! &nbsp;Got any more of that chocolate? *wink*</strong></em></p>

<p>nom nom nom nom...ah....</p>

<p><strong>I know you are Green With Envy because I'm so cute, that's why I have the chocolate and the cool clothes and hat!</strong></p>

<p>Does the green complement my eyes</p>

<p>I have no idea why I&nbsp;am wearing green, or wearing this silly hat. I just know that when I&nbsp;look cute I get candy</p>

<p>you know the drill just like mardi gras you show me some boobs i give you these beads i need some milk for this chocolate</p>

<p>Mmmmmmm! What's with the green beer dad?? Looks yukky!!!!</p>

<p>Mommy is it my birthday again? How old am I, same number as I've seen you drunk this week?</p>

<p>"Who? Me? What you look'n at?Why is everybody looking at me? Can't a man eat his chocolate aroung here?"</p>

<p>I don't know what that green stuff daddy was drinking it taste awful, sure am glad&nbsp;I got chocolate to get rid of that yukky taste.</p>

<p>They think I am just a cute little boy but secretly I am an evil leprecauhn</p>

<p>Proof that there really are Leprechauns!!!!</p>

<p>"Mmm, I bet everyone will be green with envy that I&nbsp;got the very last lucky chocolate!"</p>

<p>&nbsp;"St. Patrick's Day was YESTERDAY?!"</p>

<p><strong>"What? Why is everyone looking at me like that? I'm just trying to eat my chocolate here!"<br /><br />

<p>Mom, are you f**king kidding me?!?</p>

<p>Little Gandalf</p>