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The caption image for today March 19, 2009:

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36 Responses Mar 19, 2009

<p>next time I'll turn the light on before I&nbsp;kiss hubby goodbye</p>

<p>so thats why dogs kisses are actually licks.. maybe its maybelline?</p>

<p>She drank to much and thought she was kissing her husband.</p>

<p>really... i just sat on the lips</p>

<p>Kiss me I'm Irish!</p>

<p>see... if they'd listen there is a reason why I&nbsp;LICK and don't KISS!</p>

<p>Yes, I have the&nbsp;infamous "Red Lips" tattoo. It's a symbol of my love's last kiss before the dog catcher threw me into the slammer.....such is a dog's life.</p>

<p>Who wants to play a game of&nbsp;kiss the taint on the puppy?&nbsp;</p>

<p>who said andrex puppy was cute ha kiss this</p>

<p>I never thought she'd actually do it!</p>

<p>Kiss me I'm Irish!</p>

<p>(Spot talking to Happy Star)&nbsp; and I told that Walmart ball to kiss my Target.....and she did.. She really really did....Here look.....And you want to see where else i have that lipstick......hehehehehe</p>

<p>Kiss my rabbid arse!!</p>

<p>&nbsp;Here we see a candid shot of "Petey" A beloved star from the well known "Little Rascals"&nbsp;returning from his recent trip to Japan... Unexpectedly, he did not return with his tail between his legs.</p>

<p>I puckered up, you kissed, you missed. hehehe</p>

<p>Kiss my skinny white a$$.&nbsp; </p>

<p>Sally was in a rush this morning and skipped her make-up except for a bit of lippy.&nbsp; Friends and acquaintances were shocked at how different her face looked without it.</p>

<p>I must be to dam cute!</p><br />
<p>Every time i try let this fart out that wack job is pressing her lips on my&nbsp;bum cheeks.</p>

<p>ohhhh yeah, she had a good time down there</p>

<p>&nbsp;Damn those dog show *******....always kissing up to me....</p>

<p>&nbsp;Man, that ***** sure loves getting her *** kissed!</p>

im innocent i tell you, see there's no lipstick on my collar!

<p>Maybe it's Maybelline!</p>

<p>Sarah Palin without make up</p>

<p>"I am the top dog around here....leader of the pack. See I even have them kissing my A**."</p>

<p>Geeeez! Did you have to take the picture with my tail up?!!!</p>

<p>Tony won the contest: "Get lots of people worldwide to look at the 'business end' of your dog"</p>

<p>I can't reach back there. Maybe she won't notice.</p>

<p><strong>"The Pitbull Proof"&nbsp;Now lets hear them say I'm vicious! </strong></p>

<p>This is the ultimate for kissing a** to get along!</p>

<p>Sure kiss my a s s, after you nudering me! &nbsp;The other cheek is waiting</p>

<p>I've heard of kissing the bosses *** but his dog too!</p>

<p>I've always wanted a tattoo of lips on my ***!!!!!!!</p>

<p><strong>So that's what they they mean by kissing up!</strong></p>

<p>This gives "kiss me on the cheek" a whole new meaning.</p>

<p><strong>&nbsp;Kiss my WHAT for how many cookies?</strong></p>